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Maximizing Epic and EMR Best Practices for a Patient-Centric Focus

At Levio, we believe patient care is at the heart of every healthcare organization. That is why our Epic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) consulting practice transitions hospitals to put the patient first with a relentless focus on the best patient outcomes, satisfaction, and safety.

Levio is the Right Epic EMR Consulting Partner

As healthcare organizations continue to utilize Epic as the electronic medical record of choice, experience and expertise is needed to ensure proper implementation and optimization. At Levio, our team spans decades of experience, has worked to shape the healthcare system, and is technically empowered to best enable the use of Epic.


We design our consulting services to align with your Epic EMR journey. We offer full end-to-end implementation services of Epic, as well as flexible training and support services. We tailor our training, workflows, and utilization consulting services to help you maximize your Epic implementation.



Levio’s healthcare practice carries over 40 years of combined healthcare experience. Our leaders have shaped healthcare policy and continue to enable digital transformation in hospitals across North America.


As a business and technology partner, Levio possesses deep expertise in healthcare systems that enable interoperability. We have a proven track record in enabling integrations between SAP, ServiceNow, Oracle, Salesforce, and other enterprise systems.



Trust our Epic-certified team to deliver the right strategy, execute flawless implementations, and train your teams. Our understanding of Epic and your healthcare organization ensures you’re equipped with the right modules and a clear roadmap for future releases.


Elevate Your Epic Experience with Levio's advisory consulting services. Our team of experienced consultants —including doctors, nurses, and administrative personnel — offers unparalleled expertise in Epic Electronic Medical Record systems. With our advisory consulting services, we provide strategic guidance and industry best practices to optimize your Epic implementation, enhance patient-centric care, and drive transformative outcomes.

Empowering Epic Users with functional services tailored to your needs, Levio Consulting understands that every healthcare organization has unique requirements. Our functional services for Epic customers are designed to meet your specific needs. From workflow analysis and system configuration to clinical optimization and revenue cycle management, our experts ensure seamless integration, enhanced efficiency, and improved patient outcomes.

Unlock the potential of Epic with Levio's technical services. Levio Consulting offers comprehensive technical services for Epic customers to maximize system performance, security, and interoperability. Our technical experts specialize in Epic EMR systems and provide support in infrastructure design, data management, system upgrades, and integration with other healthcare applications. Experience uninterrupted operations and advanced capabilities with our technical expertise.

Achieve Epic proficiency through Levio's enablement services. Levio Consulting is committed to enabling healthcare organizations to harness the full potential of Epic EMR systems. With our enablement services, we provide comprehensive training and education programs tailored to your staff's needs. From end-user training to system administration, our experts ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to optimize Epic usage and deliver exceptional patient care.

Partner with Levio for patient-centric excellence in Epic. Levio Consulting is a trusted partner for healthcare payers, providers, and life sciences organizations, committed to improving patient satisfaction, security, and outcomes. With our deep knowledge and expertise in Epic EMR systems, we offer a range of services that put the patient at the center of healthcare. Experience the transformative power of Epic with Levio Consulting by your side.

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