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Artificial Intelligence

In collaboration with your team, we build and deploy AI solutions that optimize your business performance, improve customer experience, and create value. By partnering with major tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, we offer a comprehensive AI service that covers business AI strategies, as well as development, deployment and maintenance of AI solutions.

Our commitment to innovation allows us to identify and capitalize on high-impact opportunities for adoption. As a dedicated partner, we combine data, AI knowledge, and industry-specific expertise to create solutions and products that enable more effective decision-making.

Our team includes trained AI talent with access to experts in other technology areas, businesses, and relevant industries, to support the building and implementation of creative and efficient AI solutions that work for you.

Leverage AI to Drive Maximum Business Impact

Measurable AI impacts in a matter of months.

How we do it

Our roadmap includes projects of varying scope, from customer experience improvement and supply chain to mission-critical autonomous robots.

Digital native

Levio was not built on legacy systems, making sure our clients are met with a solution that is right and customized for them.


Levio has all the necessary skills to perform large-scale digital transformations intelligently, efficiently, and effectively.


Levio optimizes decision-making with its clients thanks to a data-driven process.

Industry knowledge

Levio has access to the right IT and industry experts to make your digital transformation as seamless as possible.

Tailored solutions

Our team helps you develop a comprehensive strategy that unlocks the potential of AI to maximize business value by empowering technical teams and aligning the entire organization. We create a clear roadmap and identify opportunities for AI to optimize processes and generate new revenue streams. The strategy includes short-term and long-term implementations across various departments such as finance, marketing, customer service, ​and supply chain.  

Additionally, we consider the cultural impact of AI and help the organization adapt to the necessary changes in processes, employee skills, and responsible AI principles. 

Our Capabilities:

  • Defining the AI Strategy
  • Enabling AI-Ready Culture
  • Implementing Responsible AI
  • Scaling AI

Our team includes AI strategists, scientists, architects, and developers who are experts in Azure AI, Amazon AI, Google AI platforms, and the corresponding cloud platforms. The team has mastered the art of AI fundamentals of these platforms and is also proficient with open-source platforms (Anaconda, Scikit-Learn, etc.). We perfectly understand the complexities and risks of AI-driven automation and use this expertise to help companies identify business processes where AI can have the most significant impact by predicting or automating decisions.  

We work closely with companies to collect the data to train the AI algorithms (transactions, sales, sensor data, etc.), and once the algorithms are trained, we integrate them into the business processes where they continue to adapt. This development process often involves applying pre-trained algorithms Azure AI, Amazon AI, and Google AI platforms. 

Our Capabilities:

  • Customer experience (customer churn, content personalization)

  • Anomaly detection
  • Fraud detection
  • Recommendation engines
  • Natural language processing
  • Image and video analysis
  • Operations planning
  • Financial planning
  • Database, computation, and pipeline improvements to support scale

The fundamental nature of AI drives and changes business processes in ways that current commercial and open-source platforms can't fully handle. For businesses, data is a source of insights and a potential source of breakthrough innovation. We support business innovation that leads to new products, processes, and services based on scientific and experimental research and development that solve technical challenges (e.g., medical diagnosis, autonomous robot reasoning, human activity recognition from real-time video analysis).  

Our approach to AI innovation involves promoting and prioritizing AI R&D ideas with measurable business impact and applying scientific AI R&D while helping organizations lead and shape responsible AI governance. It’s a multidisciplinary effort involving AI scientists, architects, and developers supported by subject matter experts (who understand business processes), users, and stakeholders. Our talent is committed to ongoing education to stay up to date with AI methodologies and related concerns. 

Our Capabilities:

  • Ideation of new technologies, processes, or products
  • Development of proof-of-concepts
  • Performance analysis and optimization of deployed AI solutions

Levio in action