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Omnichannel Customer Experience

As organizations endeavour to develop and evolve their digital capabilities, it’s essential that they fully rethink their customer experience model. Simply overlaying a digital layer on existing operating models and systems is doomed to fail.

Levio can accompany you in the complete redesign of your B2C and B2B omnichannel customer experience and underlying business processes and technologies. With our proven approach, we help you mobilize internal stakeholders (e.g., marketing, customer services, operations, and IT) to identify your key customer behaviours (their “buyer personas”). 

We assist with crafting the appropriate omnichannel journeys, minimizing friction points, enhancing satisfaction, and reducing your operating costs.

Why Levio?

Levio’s proven customer experience mapping approach leads to effective and satisfying buyer/user journeys while optimizing your business processes and operating costs.

Levio stands out for its practical business and IT expertise.



Levio is the ideal partner to help businesses navigate the complexities of digital transformation and achieve sustainable growth.

Digital native

Levio was not built on legacy systems, making sure our clients are met with a solution that is right and customized for them.


Levio optimizes decision-making with its clients thanks to a data-driven process.

Industry knowledge

Levio has access to the right IT and industry experts to make your digital transformation as seamless as possible.

Technical Expertise

Levio's technical capabilities are unmatched thanks to its knowledgeable experts.

Tailored solutions

Levio’s comprehensive customer experience framework uses a workshop-based process with the participation of key internal stakeholders to conduct a review of the existing situation. This process involves developing and mapping the desired omnichannel strategy with key measurable objectives and business outcomes.

Levio brings a proven approach, templates, and tools to help you understand your existing customer experience and how it must evolve to become an omnichannel experience. We bring industry-specific experts to conduct workshops that feature an aggregated C-suite view of your existing customer journey performance and state of digital readiness.

Our capabilities:

  • Map existing channels and customer touchpoints
  • Identify friction points and inefficiencies
  • Inventory business rules
  • Develop key metrics customer experience report card (abandon rates, closing rates, cycle elapse time, repeat business, customer satisfaction index, etc.)
  • Assess digital readiness of existing operating model

Using our structured approach, Levio’s customer experience specialists help you segment your key customer behaviours when interacting with your organization while predicting how these clients will respond to changes and the evolution of your customer services model.

In defining your omnichannel customer experience, it’s essential to identify your key customer types and associated customer usual behavioural interactions with you. Through structured workshops with your key internal stakeholders, we will work in collaboration.

Our capabilities:

  • Assess customer touchpoint preferences
  • Assess and forecast typical customer behaviour, reaction, and satisfaction for existing and planned channels
  • Evaluate hurdles in journey (due to business rules, web savviness, etc.)
  • Cluster, segment, and document key buyer/user personas

Adapted to your corporate digital strategy and business outcomes, Levio’s omnichannel customer experience framework brings industry-specific insights as well as “digital outperformers” views of how to create efficient and appealing customer journeys. Equipped with our effective methodology and tools, we help you rally the C-suite around a clear vision of your desired customer experience targets and how to get there.

As new technologies introduce more options to communicate with customers, we must find out and optimize the what, when, where, and how to reach out and engage customers. Armed with a proven workshop-based approach, specific industry insights, and a comprehensive template library, we will lead a team of your internal stakeholders to develop optimal omnichannel customer journey maps essential to your successful digital transformation.

Our capabilities:

  • Establish a distinct and optimal journey for each customer/user persona
  • Evaluate required changes in your operational model and IT systems to support the new journeys
  • Establish a list of initiatives to adapt your business processes and business rules and a prioritized road map to get there
  • Develop a balanced scorecard to assess the progress and performance of the new omnichannel customer experience (abandon rates, closing rates, cycle elapse time, repeat business, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and customer satisfaction index, etc.)

Levio in action