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As the world's connectivity grows, the communications industry faces significant disruptions while new growth opportunities emerge. With cloud, 5G, artificial intelligence/machine learning and edge continuously evolving, the industry must ensure product-market fit, revamp go-to-market, and build robust partnerships and technology to manage disruption and increase growth.

Meanwhile, increasing cost pressures of traditional legacy operating models and technologies as well as heightened customer demand for digital autonomy force Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to transform themselves.

Our added value

Our Telecom consulting experts can help you decide where to play, when to transition to a new model, and how to understand the rules that govern each arena. We work closely with you to determine your ideal strategy, your capacity for change, your current and future business and technological capabilities, while establishing a roadmap to deliver the desired business outcomes.

With our extensive program delivery team, we can partner with you to successfully execute all initiatives in your transformation roadmap.

Levio knows Telecommunications

Transforming the CSP

Levio has a deep understanding of the key trends and issues facing Communications Service Providers (CSPs). We constantly monitor the industry landscape and actively participate in the TM Forum to stay on top of best practices while seeking innovative ways to help our customers.

We can help you define and implement all key CSP transformation enablers to make your business efficient and differentiated from the competition.

Our pillars

The telecommunications industry is at an inflection point. The CSP of the future will embrace new technologies and processes while keeping customer needs front and centre. Levio delivers deep industry expertise, strategic partnerships, frameworks and tools to help you:

  1. Make the right core strategic decisions about the evolution of wireless/wireline services
  2. Create compelling employee and customer experiences to set you apart in the marketplace
  3. Design and connect ecosystems of industries, partners, service providers and customers to build bold new market offers
  4. Reimagine your operating model to be better prepared for consumer and competitor actions
  5. Simplify products, processes and business rules to make you more efficient while better serving your customers
  6. Adopt best practices
  7. Embrace the future by integrating AI into your capabilities and processes
  8. Retain skills and talent so you can provide leading class products and services
  9. Protect your data, brand and reputation

Levio has a strong delivery track record. With disciplined program and project management professionals, change management experts and local and offshore delivery teams, we can tackle your transformation initiatives and deliver the expected business results. Levio always delivers on scope, on budget and on time! 

Levio can partner with you to meet your technical needs. With leading edge expertise in:

  • Cybersecurity and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Solutions Architecture
  • BSS (Business Support Sytems) / OSS (Operation Support Systems) / ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Implementation
  • Evolution and Maintenance
  • Software Engineering
  • Cloud and Infrastructure
  • AI, Data and Analytics

We can take on any challenges with you. 

Levio in action