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Our Story

"When we chose to launch Levio, we had the conviction that the transformation of organizations would accelerate worldwide. If we want our private companies to be internationally competitive and our governments to be more efficient, this transformation must begin, must continue—and ultimately succeed. 

Our job is to be at the heart of transformation projects with our customers and to deliver results. Levio, with its Business and Technology consultants, is a partner of choice for all organizations that want to succeed and become the leaders of tomorrow."

- Francois Dion, Levio's CEO 


Levio was founded to counteract the cumbersome and rigid framework that too often hinders the growth and development of organizations. 

The company's name, which comes from the Latin word meaning "to make lighter", derives from this desire for change. It is on this premise that our distinctive offering was developed, based on the amalgam of our two fields of intervention: business and technology. 

At Levio, we are at the heart of our clients' transformation projects to generate success. 

With our business and technology consultants, we are a partner of choice for all organizations that want to succeed and be the leaders of tomorrow. 

Our main asset is our team 

From the beginning, we chose to build our foundation on our main asset: a team of outstanding consultants. 

Levio’s reputation in today’s market is thanks in large part to the commitment and exceptional expertise of the men and women who make up our team. 


We shape our clients’ success.   

We work closely with each client towards the long-term goal of transforming vision into value. 

Our team focuses its energy and expertise on driving transformations that adapt new technologies to our client’s evolving business realities. 

As a true partner, we have skin in the game and we stay in the game, until the job is done, and our client is satisfied. 


Our operations began in earnest in early 2014 and have steadily grown from there. 

Since its founding, Levio has grown at a rapid pace, notably through ten (10) strategic acquisitions and the opening of offices in Canada, the United States, Morocco, India and France. 

This ambitious pace brings us closer to our goal of becoming a leader in digital transformation in North America.