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Change Management

The latest statistics still show that 70% of transformation projects do not achieve their intended business goals because of the human factor. Our expertise in agility and change management help mitigate this risk by ensuring the delivery of your projects in uncertain contexts and thus generating the desired buy-in from all stakeholders. Our commitment is to facilitate change and value delivery. 

To do so, we apply traditional, agile, or hybrid project delivery best practices and manage change by combining emergence, adoption, and delivery to your target audiences. A combined top-down and bottom-up approach allows your projects to materialize more naturally and sustainably.

Levio’s uniqueness makes all the difference:

1. A balance between human, business, and technological needs to orchestrate and deliver your transformation

2. A diversity of expertise that allows us to guide you from strategy to execution

3. Close collaboration of our experts with your teams to better integrate us into your organizational culture and transfer our skills and knowledge more quickly

From Advice to Delivery

Develop your agility, facilitate the adoption of change, orchestrate and execute the transformation, ensure the achievement of business objectives and monitor the expected benefits to constantly adjust while remaining focused on value creation.

An experienced team to enrich your projects 

  • More than 250 expert consultants, the majority of whom are senior in their fields 
  • Certifications in the best agility, change management, and project management programs 
  • A culture of sharing, mutual aid, and continuous learning that benefits all our clients

How we do it

Levio is the ideal partner to help businesses navigate the complexities of digital transformation and achieve sustainable growth.


Levio is a true business and IT partner that supports its customers over the long term


Levio commits to a series of milestones and delivers value on those milestones every time.


Levio has all the necessary skills to perform large-scale digital transformations intelligently, efficiently, and effectively.

Skin in the game

Levio adopts a risk-sharing approach with their clients to ensure ownership of each transformation project.

Our services are aimed at delivering your business value

We support you in your agile transformations on the three levels of the practice:

  1. Delivery agility: implementation of delivery methods, tools, and practices
  2. Organizational agility: evolution of your organizational structure and management culture 
  3. Strategic agility: evolution of governance, strategy, portfolio, decision model, and performance indicators

Our capabilities:

  • Approach and tools adapted to your culture and inspired by best practices
  • Diagnosis of the existing situation and definition of the target
  • Agile transformation strategy
  • Training your teams and managers
  • Definition of your strategy and development of the roadmap for your agile transformation 
  • Coaching in action 
  • Organizational capacity assessment and management in action 
  • Evolution of organizational and cultural structures 
  • Adding agile profiles to your delivery or project teams 
  • Agile enterprise architecture 
  • DevSecOps 
  • Business and IT agility 
  • Co-development and workshop facilitation 
  • Targeted communications and training 
  • Measurement of expected benefits, both upstream and downstream

Our team of experts uses strategic, tactical, and operational activities inspired by market best practices and applied in partnerships. The project team and client organization foster the integration and ownership by the workplace of the organizational changes to generate business profits.

Our capabilities:

  • Diagnosis of the existing system and definition of a target 
  • Maturity assessment 
  • Implementation of an organizational approach or a change management team 
  • Implementation of tools and practices useful to your organization in change management, integrated with project management 
  • Traditional change management based on PROSCI/ADKAR 
  • Agile change management with the ART approach 
  • Customized change management adapted to your needs 
  • Project support for your field teams 
  • Organizational development 
  • Standard or customized training 
  • Communication 
  • Co-development 
  • Measurement of expected benefits, both upstream and downstream

This method or approach is centered on the user/human and focused on innovation. Empathy, creativity, co-creation, iteration, and the right to make mistakes are at the heart of this innovation and brainstorming methodology. The objective is to apply the tools of design to manage innovative projects and solve problems, past or future.

Our capabilities:

  • Facilitation of workshops to carry out all the stages of design thinking: empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing 
  • Definition of a vision and common understanding of the project or product to confirm its legitimacy 
  • Mobilization of the impacted groups toward the common goal 
  • Development of new capabilities within the organization (processes, structures, skills, tools, technologies, etc.) and adaptation of the project 
  • Measurement of expected benefits both upstream and downstream, then adjustment as needed or transfer to operations

Levio in action