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Levio's Data Science and Business Analytics services provide unique insights into your operations, customers, and markets. From front-line staff to the board of directors, our goal is to help you evolve your business into an information-driven organization, where decision-making is fact-based and data management is integrated into day-to-day operations. 

We help you establish the structures and processes that turn data into a strategic asset, tailoring data entry and analysis to your organization's critical functions. In addition, we work with you to identify hidden performance drivers in traditional and non-traditional data functions, whether it’s operations or customer experience, talent and HR, or marketing, to name a few.  

With the rapid changes in privacy laws, we can also help you use your data ethically through sound governance practices

How we do it

Levio stands out for its practical business and experts. Levio works with organizations on how they could successfully prepare for the future based on best practices of top-performing companies.


Levio optimizes decision-making with its clients thanks to a data-driven process.

Security first

Levio's experts are trained to manage risk throughout your organization at every step of the digital transformation therefore helping you protect your business from various forms of threats.

Technical Expertise

Levio's technical capabilities are unmatched thanks to its knowledgeable experts.


Levio has all the necessary skills to perform large-scale digital transformations intelligently, efficiently, and effectively.

Tailored solutions

By offering tailor-made advice on the strategic and technological aspects of the field, our consultants support you in the planning, design and implementation of data developments and new capabilities. They are there to accompany you during key phases, including aspects of data governance and security.

Our experience and expertise contribute to the success of your Data science and Business Analytics projects, which lead to the following benefits:

  • Better decision making
  • Improved efficiency and quality of your services 
  • Respect for security and regulatory compliance rules

The result: improved customer confidence.


Our capabilities:

  • Strategic Roadmap 
  • Data Governance 
  • Solution Design 
  • Security 
  • Policies 
  • MDM 
  • Data 
  • Metadata Dictionary    

Our teams work to implement the solutions and develop the data processes required to enable you to control and take full advantage of your data intake and storage. The creation of automated data extraction, cleansing, enrichment and harmonization pipelines supported by tight quality control are the keys to success for these high value-added projects.

Approaches and technologies we’ve mastered:

  • ETL 
  • Datalake 
  • Datawarehouse 
  • Database 
  • DataOps 
  • Data Pipelines 
  • Data Transformation 
  • Data Quality 
  • Big Data 
  • Coherence 
  • Data Validation 

Business intelligence and advanced analytics are often used together to provide a comprehensive view of business data and help managers make informed decisions.

Our descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data analysis capabilities allow you to see business differently. Whether it's through the creation of performance indicators, meaningful dashboards, or the extraction and representation of new information from your data, Levio's experts allow you to more accurately perceive the current situation and the different factors that drive your results. This allows you to better plan, optimize and move in the right direction.

Approaches and technologies we’ve mastered:

  • Business Intelligence 
  • KPIs 
  • Trend Identification 
  • Dashboard 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Predictive Modelling 
  • Data Mining 
  • Anonymization 

Process intelligence is an indispensable element of digital transformation. It streamlines customer experience, improves performance, and ensures compliance.


As a leader in digital transformation, Levio is dedicated to process mining and process intelligence, specializing in sustainable, scalable, and agnostic process intelligence solutions.

Levio in action