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Project and Program Management

Complex business initiatives such as digital transformation represent a significant challenge because they’re no longer limited to the scope of the IT team, rather transcend the organization and its ecosystem of business partners. 

Additionally, modern technologies force organizations to balance agile practices with the waterfall project approach to continue operating legacy infrastructures during the transition period. With a proven track record of leading transformation projects and programs, Levio's experts help you achieve your strategic initiatives.

Whether it’s lead one of your transformation programs, to provide you with project management and control resources, or to help you transform your project office so that it can perform the governance of digital initiatives in agile mode, Levio offers you a customized formula that fits your needs.


The Levio team is an accelerator for your organization. The breadth of our project management offering allows us to intervene as much in the field of digital transformation as in the field of business. From the establishment of the roadmap and its execution down to the smallest detail, Levio makes it possible to plan and execute projects that are important to you.


Levio has a proven track record and significant success stories for major clients.


Levio commits to a series of milestones and delivers value on those milestones every time.


Levio is a true business and IT partner that supports its customers over the long term.

Skin in the game

Levio adopts a risk-sharing approach with their clients to ensure ownership of each transformation project.

Tailored Services

Levio's commitment to creating value for its clients and guiding them through transformation is based on defining a delivery approach that is aligned with the vision and shared with all stakeholders. Our Project and Program Management offering provides the leadership to orchestrate the complexity of transformation programs by ensuring the coherence of activities and the convergence towards a common solution. Complementary expertise in business, IT and change management keeps the focus on business objectives. Our consultants' mastery of best practices and technical knowledge is based on our strong corporate culture, which brings together a concrete commitment to deliver results, team success through engagement, leadership and adaptability, thoroughness in completion, accountability, and pride in our clients' success.

Our capabilities:

  • Definition and implementation of the project office
  • Definition and implementation of the transformation office
  • Program management
  • Portfolio management
  • Project management
  • Delivery approach and strategy
  • Roadmap creation and prioritization
  • Talent and competency identification
  • Performance targets and benefits measurement
  • Governance
  • Development and execution planning
  • Monitoring and tracking
  • Continuous improvement
  • Change requests

Levio is committed to delivering projects that create value and meet the client's needs. To do so, teams must be adequately supported, and project parameters closely monitored. This ensures that the management team is constantly able to properly assess risk and make informed decisions. Project Controllers (PCOs) are the source of this balance and are highly organized resources, able to synchronize schedules, budgets and people assigned to the project ensure delivery to the client's utmost satisfaction.

Our approach allows for both tight control of resources and a high degree of autonomy for project teams; two necessary conditions for the success of transformation programs.

Our capabilities:

  • Completion of progress reports
  • Budget monitoring
  • Milestone monitoring
  • Project scope monitoring
  • Process and methodology monitoring
  • Coaching on tools, templates and practices in place
  • Assistance in project planning
  • Presentation of reports
  • Taking charge of follow-ups
  • Management of project risk control

Our commitment to delivering value is based on our ability to take a step back, analyze project situations, issues and risks, and identify solutions that make achieving objectives possible.

Our consultants determine the pathways and help you turn your projects around by putting the focus back on delivery.

When you call on us to analyze a critical project, we review its deliverables and status. We meet with all project stakeholders to understand the strategy, needs and business objectives.

Our interview and workshop approach allows us to quickly identify risks and issues, establish the best recovery strategy and propose concrete avenues for implementation.

Our capabilities:

  • Project audits
  • Diagnostics
  • Mastery of development and delivery methodologies
  • Delivery paths and approaches
  • Project and program management/administration
  • Risk management
  • Efficient project governance model
  • Delivery culture

The Excellence in Delivery practice is dedicated to the successful delivery of large-scale programs and projects. Made up of program and project managers who have demonstrated their ability to deliver large-scale transformation projects, this department can intervene either directly within the framework of a mandate or in a consulting mode with our client's consultants to ensure that each delivery generates quality results within the agreed-upon timeframes and budgets, and that the projects in which Levio is involved deliver the expected value for the clients.

Our capabilities:

  • Control of the expected value for the client
  • Adequate risk management before and during projects
  • Rigorous project management
  • Support plan proposals
  • Identification of key players in each project
  • Regular organization of project reviews

Levio in action