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Government and Public Sector

Citizen expectations of their governments have changed over the last few years and the public sector faces an existential crisis; it must evolve. 

Governments must now be able to provide services to citizens, anywhere, at any time, in the way an individual wants to consume those services. All levels of public service, whether it be national, regional or local, must evolve their service delivery and how they operate within their own walls. The digitization of the planet is causing governments the world over to rethink how it operates.

In order to achieve this evolution, governments must learn to orchestrate a more modern human capital approach, combined with overhauled governance, and lastly, they must adopt better digital technologies. Without these three aspects addressed in unison, the public sector risks deploying outdated technology, on expensive legacy governance, without capitalizing on the wealth of public service experience.

Our Added Value

Levio is not your typical consulting company.

We focus on digital evolution by enabling customers to manage the human, governance and technological components of every transformation project.

We have extensive experience in public sector, because our team is composed of people who have worked in government. We have led these transformations from all aspects and focus uniquely on providing digital transformation solutions to all our customers.

Levio Knows the Public Sector

Not only does Levio have deep sector expertise, but we also possess the deep technological capacities to enable government evolution. A cloud transformation is never just about cloud in government, it is about changing how the public sector designs its budgets, rolls out its services to citizens and operates.  Artificial intelligence is never strictly about AI, it is about the human impact, the policies within government that often do not exist to enable automation, and how this technology should be used by citizens in a responsible manner.   

Understanding the overarching impacts of digital technologies on the governance and people of government is what Levio brings to the table at every engagement.  

Education Sector

The education industry must navigate several technology-related challenges to ensure that students have access to quality education and the necessary skills to succeed in the workforce.

Levio in action