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Cloud and Infrastructure

It's impossible to imagine a digital transformation without the cloud. But simply migrating into the cloud isn't enough to fulfill the promise of value and operational agility. Your IT team must reinvent itself and build a reliable, secure and flexible cloud ecosystem to take full advantage of these virtual services.

The cloud experts at Levio offer end-to-end services for the entire lifecycle of your on-premises and cloud infrastructure, from strategy and planning to architecture and cloud migration, ongoing management, cloud applications and partners.

Working with our partners, we help your organization implement cloud technologies in a future-proof operating model while seeking to generate immediate value, create a competitive advantage, and accelerate continuous innovation.


Levio is the ideal partner to help businesses navigate the complexities of digital transformation and achieve sustainable growth.

Technical Expertise

Levio's technical capabilities are unmatched thanks to its knowledgeable experts.

Digital native

Levio was not built on legacy systems, making sure our clients are met with a solution that is right and customized for them.


Levio has all the necessary skills to perform large-scale digital transformations intelligently, efficiently, and effectively.

Industry knowledge

Levio has access to the right IT and industry experts to make your digital transformation as seamless as possible.


Our cloud and infrastructure services will meet your organization’s needs with ideas, architecture, design and implementation. 

Why migrate to the cloud? Which cloud native services can be leveraged to save operational costs? Our cloud strategy consulting service will answer these questions so that your organization can successfully migrate to the cloud.

Our capabilities:

  • Levio's approach is to stay focused on your goals for moving to the cloud
  • We make sure to involve all stakeholders in the organization who are affected by the move to cloud computing
  • We produce a change management plan that covers people, processes and tooling

The success of moving to the cloud is dependent on the establishment of foundations in terms of security, networking and identity management, to name a few.

Our capabilities (AWS, Azure and GCP):

  • Development of cloud foundation requirements
  • Deployment of foundation components as coded infrastructure (infra as code) in production and non-production environments
  • Delegated management of foundation components

Multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud environments require in-depth knowledge and skills in on-premise technology, business and process and public cloud experience. These models require holistic architecture, design and implementation strategies from both the business and technology areas of your organization. Partnering with Levio on your cloud projects allows you to leverage our experience and achieve success.

Our capabilities:

  • Understand the business objectives and technology requirements
  • Architect optimal processes, networks and applications to enable the most efficient and effective design and delivery of workloads

Leverage Levio's partnership with public cloud providers to maximize your cloud operations. By entrusting Levio with your cloud operations, you can maintain cloud health and optimize over time.

Our capabilities:

  • Management of cloud environments from the top 3 public cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP)
  • Design and implementation of automation to lower cloud costs, accelerate compliance auditing and ensure a high level of security
  • Full complement of DevOps services to increase software development and delivery capabilities
  • Access to support from our suppliers (guaranteed service levels, qualified technical experts)

Levio in action