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Our ESG Committments

We believe in the power of collective action to create an inclusive community and a healthy planet.

Above all, we believe in our share of responsibility in this great universal collaboration and are willing to invest in creating value for a better world.

For Sustainable Development

Three Pillars

Over 50 Levio employees form the ESG Committee and work daily to ensure the objectives are met.


Operate in a responsible and sustainable manner to minimize our environmental impact. Educate stakeholders on their daily actions, adopt sustainable consumption behaviours, and promote best practices for a thriving community and planet.


Provide a healthy, stimulating and inclusive work environment where Levio's values are at the heart of everyone's actions. Acting together to value diversity, equity, inclusion, professional development and wellness in the workplace. Be a proactive player to contribute to the communities around us.


Ensure ethical and responsible business culture and practices in our organization. Assess, monitor and report on our ESG commitments annually.

Our Impact in the Community

Founded on strong human values and eager to give back to the community, Levio leads by example through active involvement in our social environment. We place great importance on supporting the community and doing our part.

In addition to providing corporate support to several local sports teams and charitable organizations, Levio’s executive members also undertake various personal initiatives to support wellness in the community.