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Levio, A Decade of Growth And Innovation

"Over the past decade, Levio has continued to believe that digital transformation should be streamlined, light and impactful. With the right expertise, close collaboration, and lasting partnerships, Levio has been able to deliver exceptional client value, be recognized by esteemed organizations, and earn the invaluable trust of our clients. Today and tomorrow, we will continue to deliver value and pioneer the next decade of digital transformation."

- François Dion, President and Founder

Levio Is...


People are our engine

Our dedicated experts combine passion and unique insights to drive your transformation in the right direction.

Within Levio, our teams thrive and evolve daily, fostered by a robust culture that emphasizes human values and high performance.

The Levio DNA

The core philosophy of Levio is encapsulated by nine fundamental principles that guide us.

"At its source, it’s about getting up in the morning with enthusiasm and wanting to make a difference for someone. What we mean by making a difference is what we call adding value, creating value, being responsible, being rigorous."

- Richard B., Levio Senior Consultant

"We asked ourselves: "How should we train Levio’s future leaders?" By trusting them, giving them challenges and making sure that they have the tools and support they need to succeed. Diplomas are one thing, but what really impresses me is the resourcefulness and determination of a person."

- Jonathan C., Levio Program Manager


Trust is our currency

Our promise is to lead and deliver with integrity every step of the way. Our commitment to integrity is why over 300 organizations trust us to deliver transformational long-lasting change.

This commitment transcends client relationships, driving our expansion as it forms the foundations of our partnerships with acquired companies. In our decade of operation, Levio has welcomed 11 new companies into its fold.

Below are testimonials from the leaders of the recently integrated companies at Levio:

"It is with great pride that we join Levio’s team and help accelerate its development in the Salesforce ecosystem across Canada, the United-States and other markets. This acquisition will also strongly benefit our employees, who will be able to share their expertise with more clients and teammates, and who should feel right at home, as Levio’s and SOLJIT’s organizational cultures are aligned."

- Michel Kassab, President and Co-Founder at SOLJIT

"We are very proud to join Levio’s family, which offers an extraordinary opportunity to accelerate our team’s growth and success. Our corporate cultures and values align well, while our solution offerings, skill sets, and geography are complementary."

- Adam Caromicoli, Indellient’s Founding President


In 2024, an investment by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) as a financial partner strengthened Levio's credibility as an acquirer, thereby accelerating expansion strategy in Canada and the United States.


Partner from start to finish

Our commitment to measurable results, accountability, and transparency is at the foundation of our relationships.

Our commitment to clients extends beyond delivery. We prioritize building partner relationships, laying a strong foundation for future growth. With a team of passionate experts dedicated to delivering results, we foster a culture of decentralized collaboration. Each of us takes pride in contributing to our high-performance culture.

Partnering for Social Responsibility


Value is our goal

Our promise is to maximize our clients’ investment with precise execution and efficient deployment.

Levio leverages its expertise in artificial intelligence, data science, business analytics, cloud computing and cybersecurity to help clients navigate today's complex digital landscape.

Our unprecedented reputation stems from our commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions, ranging from organizational digital transformation to autonomous robots beyond earth, thus illustrating our unwavering support to accompany clients from vision to value.


Driving Value with Distinction

We are honoured that our drive towards value has been recognized by The Globe and Mail and others for our rapid growth. These distinctions would not have been possible without our unwavering commitment to being a leading partner that creates value for its clients, leveraging its experience, expertise in new technologies, creativity, and its team of committed consultants.

Leading Ahead

A Decade of Achievement, Paving the Way for Continuous Growth

In celebrating its tenth anniversary, Levio looks towards the future with enthusiasm and determination, ready to continue facilitating digital transformation for organizations, and driving innovation in the digital world.