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Merger & Managerial Transformation

Case study of Levio's managerial transformation following the merger between two energy giants.

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November 2, 2022

Our client is a company resulting from the merger of two energy giants, forming one of the largest energy distribution companies in Eastern Canada, with revenues in excess of $1.5 billion. 


The merger better positions the new entity to address key industry challenges such as the increasing complexity of energy distribution, declining volumes, and rising operational and environmental costs. Levio's mandate was to achieve three main objectives: 

  • implement tools and resources to facilitate future acquisitions and support massive business growth 
  • unlock administrative and operational synergies 
  • improve customer experience 

Levio first strategically developed a management program and governance structure to manage a 3-year program equivalent to 15,000 person-days and a value of $10 million. Levio then designed and created a comprehensive roadmap to merge/modernize solutions and unify/optimize processes (telemetry, GPS, computerization, fuel distribution, technical services, fueling access cards, inventory management, accounting and billing, bulk delivery, customer management, back-office services, etc.). Levio, with its people-centric approach, integrated itself into the change management process, empathizing with employees and customers from the start to ensure successful adoption. Implementing a business intelligence environment on Oracle OBIEE enabled better decisions and facilitated the integration of future products/services. 


Levio provided the following services: 

  • Strategic leadership, organizational and digital transformation 
  • Customer and stakeholder management 
  • Roadmap, project scoping (objectives), design, architecture, requirements 
  • Project and program planning, full life cycle management 
  • Agile development 
  • DevOps, QA, implementation, deployment 
  • Support and maintenance 
  • Change management and training 
  • Levio achieved the first critical milestone four months into the project by installing the telemetry devices in 150 trucks that are on the road 24/7 (the timeline was a major component to qualify for a $90,000 government grant). 
  • Each project has a return on investment of less than two years. 
  • Process optimization saved $10 million per year: virtually eliminated subcontracted trucking, increased truck deliveries, eliminated excess administrative positions and other synergies. 
  • Successful deployment of digital technology despite the high number of employees who could not use digital tools such as tablets prior to deployment. 
  • Centralized real-time geo-location information for trucks. 
  • Automated invoicing. 
  • The project was completed on time, on budget and on scope. 
  • Levio gained the client's trust and subsequently other mandates. 
  • Levio fostered a culture of collaboration within a complex organizational structure.