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Cybersecurity and Enterprise Risk

As your operations become more complex and digital and protection laws become more stringent, your vulnerability to cyber threats increases.

To build an infrastructure that meets organizational needs, it’s necessary to have a global and integrated approach to risk prevention, whether those risks are operational, environmental, or compliance-related.

Levio's cybersecurity and enterprise risk services encompass all the disciplines that enable organizations to protect themselves from various forms of threats and achieve compliance with evolving laws. Our offering consists of a range of disciplines at all levels, from strategy to operations. With a wide range of cybersecurity experts, Levio provides assurance to organizations to mitigate the risks involved in their digital transformation.

How we do it

Levio stands out for its practical business and experts. Levio works with organizations on how they could successfully prepare for the future based on best practices of top-performing companies.

Security first

Levio's experts are trained to manage risk throughout your organization at every step of the digital transformation therefore helping you protect your business from various forms of threats.


Levio optimizes decision-making with its clients thanks to a data-driven process.

Digital native

Levio was not built on legacy systems, making sure our clients are met with a solution that is right and customized for them.


Levio has a proven track record and significant success stories for major clients.

Tailored solutions

Levio helps organizations understand, control, and reduce security risks while ensuring IT compliance. Our governance experts help you implement appropriate measures to reduce technology risks.

To do so, Levio adopts a governance approach based on the implementation of best practices that allow the organization to ensure that its IT investments contribute to value creation:

  • To increase the performance of IT processes and their customer orientation
  • To guarantee that the risks related to the information system are under control
  • To control the financial aspects of the information system
  • To develop the IT solutions and skills it will need in the future… while developing transparency of its actions.

Our capabilities:

  • Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)
  • IT risk analysis and management
  • Security compliance: ISO, PCI, NIST, CSF, etc.
  • CISO on demand/virtual CISO (vCISO)
  • IT succession management

Levio's cybersecurity experts support companies in developing an organizational culture geared towards effective IT risk management to get users to contribute to the protection of their information assets and to make them aware of the consequences of a security breach as well as their role and obligations in this regard.

Awareness raises knowledge and encourages employees to adopt a culture of prevention. Levio supports organizations in activities aimed at adopting safe behaviours and reinforcing skills.

To cater to the different levels of motivation, learning styles, and target audience knowledge, our awareness experts advocate content that is highly interactive, human-centred, and fun!

Our capabilities:

  • Cybersecurity strategy and awareness and continuous education program - Social engineering and phishing simulations
  • Development of communications plans and signage campaigns
  • Production of interactive capsules and integration with learning management systems (LMS)
  • Design of promotional items
  • Development of personalized and interactive training materials
  • Production of newsletters and tailored communications
  • Organization of corporate workshops to reinforce the development of desired behaviours
  • Measuring the impact and participation in campaigns
  • Production of dashboards and reporting to management
  • Reinforcement of a culture of prevention and cybersecurity

Nowadays, online security is more important than ever. Threats such as ransomware, identity theft, phishing, and cyber attacks can severely compromise consumer confidence in your business and damage the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your services and data. To protect your business from these risks, Levio offers offensive security and penetration testing services tailored to meet your specific needs and constraints.

Our capabilities:

  • Application penetration testing
  • Infrastructure penetration tests
  • Non-intrusive testing on operational technology equipment
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Source code review
  • Security configuration audit 
  • Social engineering and phishing tests
  • Red, and purple teams

Levio has a team of ISA experts who align your information security needs with your vision, objectives, and business needs.

Our ISA consultants help you implement architectures that ensure the security of information throughout its life cycle, considering the value of this information, its level of exposure to risk, and its context of use.

In collaboration with your internal teams, they act as strategic advisors to develop an architectural positioning, develop architectures that correspond to the company's business needs, define security practices based on reference frameworks (SABSA, COBIT, TOGAF, etc.), or intervene on an ad hoc basis to address a specific security issue.

Levio's multidisciplinary ISA team has been involved in several structuring projects in a context of digital transformation and innovation and supports its clients by using agile management and iterative and continuous delivery methods and tools.

Application domains:

  • Application ISA 
  • Security architect in projects 
  • Telecommunications ISA 
  • Cloud ISA 
  • “Zero-Trust" ISA 
  • "Security by Design" ISA 
  • "Privacy by Design" ISA

Our capabilities:

  • ISA | enterprise
  • ISA | business
  • ISA | technological

In an increasingly connected world, information security is paramount to protecting your company's sensitive data. At Levio, we understand the importance of identity and IT access management to reduce the risk of hacking, data theft, and unauthorized access.

Our cybersecurity experts are here to help you implement effective IAM strategies using industry best practice processes and tools.

Whether you need to manage access to information resources, prevent leakage of confidential data, or protect your IT infrastructure, we can assist you every step of the way.

With our extensive experience in IAM governance, technologies, and business processes, we can provide you with customized solutions to optimize the use of your resources. With Levio, you can be sure that you will benefit from leading-edge expertise to secure your business and protect your future.

Our capabilities:

  • IAM and digital identity architecture
  • Role-based access modeling (RBAC)
  • IAM solution integration (e.g., Sailpoint)
  • High-privilege access management
  • IAM exploitation

Levio helps you strengthen your IT security, preserve the resiliency of your operations, and protect your infrastructure by offering a range of operational security and cyber defense services.

We identify, isolate, and remediate security threats to your business to minimize the impact of security incidents. In the event of an incident, we provide a comprehensive response, digital forensics, and crisis management services to help you get back to business quickly.

Levio is committed to providing full-service capabilities using best practices and the most advanced technologies, working closely with you to understand your needs and remediate the risks that may impact you.

Our capabilities:

  • Security services operations 
  • Security event monitoring 
  • Incident management and response to major incidents 
  • Threat intelligence 
  • SecDevOps and security development 
  • Security incident investigation (digital investigations)
  • Managed services (SOC)

Levio has a team of experts in privacy protection, data governance and information technology law who will match your information security needs with legislative and regulatory obligations while considering your vision, your objectives, and your business needs.

Our advisors will help you implement data governance and the strategy to be adopted to comply with the security requirements arising from the legislative frameworks. Finally, they can help you develop the roadmap and draw up the action plans necessary to implement the security and control measures required to comply with the applicable legislation in force (Bill 25, PIPEDA, RGPD) and to come (Bill 27 in Canada).

The intervention of our advisors allows you to ensure the security of information throughout its life cycle, considering the value of this information, its level of exposure to risk and its context of use. In fact, it allows you to find the right balance between protection (compliance and security) and exploitation (value) of the data.

Levio's multidisciplinary team is involved in several structuring achievements in a context of digital transformation and innovation and supports its clients by using Agile management methods and tools, and iterative and continuous delivery to ensure timely compliance with legislation.

Our capabilities:

  • Compliance strategy (roadmap and action plans) 
  • Data governance and privacy 
  • Privacy management program and framework 
  • "CPO/DPO as a Service" | external privacy and data protection officer 
  • PVP/PRP training and awareness 
  • Compliance and maturity assessment (audit) 
  • Privacy impact assessment (PIA) 
  • Lifecycle management of personal information and sensitive data 
  • "Privacy by Design" security architecture 
  • Management of ethical and legal issues of AI and digital technology 
  • Management of electronic evidence
  • IT law

Operational and reputation risk management is a challenge across all industries. Levio helps organizations understand, prioritize and control risk so that they can take the necessary steps to prevent occurrences and reduce the impact of a failure in processes, systems, and operations.

Levio also provides compliance experts to help you meet the ever-increasing number of legal, regulatory and standards compliance obligations, whether they are industry requirements, national or international standards, or internal policies and procedures specific to the organization, to name a few. Our experts will help you demystify, standardize, and manage these compliance challenges through an integrated approach to risk management based on industry practices such as ISO 31000.

Our capabilities:

  • Basel Accord Compliance 
  • Solvency - Anti-money laundering 
  • Operational risk 
  • Environmental risk 
  • Health and safety at work 
  • Business continuity

Levio’s team of project management experts assist you in successfully completing all cybersecurity projects and programs, regardless of their complexity or scope.

With a special focus on your issues and organizational context, our team helps you develop strategies for project planning, monitoring, and delivery. As certified project management professionals, they know how to build fluid communication between stakeholders to facilitate decision-making; match the necessary technical and leadership skills to efficiently coordinate the resources assigned to delivery; and ensure rigorous and effective execution of the cybersecurity program or project portfolio.

Our capabilities:

  • Cybersecurity program and project management and oversight 
  • Development and implementation of cybersecurity project governance 
  • Project planning, maintenance, and control 
  • Management of multi-disciplinary IT and business teams, both internal and external 
  • Coordination of technical delivery activities 
  • Production of project management records 
  • Identification and management of risks, issues, and outstanding items 
  • Development of performance indicators and production of dashboards

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