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Supply Chain

The advent of new technologies, the worldwide situation with the pandemic, and the ongoing war in Europe have generated significant challenges and opportunities for the global supply chain. On one hand, consumer expectations keep rising in terms of ease and speed to order and receive their required products. On the other hand, regulators keep raising the bar in terms of compliance requirements with labour, and materials are not as available as in the past. Finally, shareholders continue to expect strong and constant returns.

Levio has expertise in helping industries identify and deliver the optimal returns for their digital investments. Levio is also uniquely equipped to provide solutions to these challenges through its capabilities in strategy advisory, digital transformation, Industry 4.0, data analytics and artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud computing, IoT and automation, amongst others.  

Digital transformation with Levio results in pragmatic changes to how the business operates and delivers value to customers. Levio accelerates the delivery of omnichannel and digital transformation programs, thus allowing our clients to become more agile and efficient faster. This empowers our clients to react faster to industry challenges and deliver more value to their clients in the form of value-added products and services. 

Our Added Value

Our industry consulting experts help our clients decide how to best optimize the customer and employee experience, how to leverage existing IT assets, and ultimately leverage technology to gain market share and improve the bottom line as well as optimize its supply chain. 


With our value-driven approach, we ensure that our clients’ investments generate the expected tangible returns and benefits.  

Levio Knows the Supply Chain Industry

Considering our experience and understanding of major market trends, most of this industry will face a combination of the challenges depicted in this visual. We have proven experience with projects in all those areas. Not only can we help identify the appropriate digital roadmap, but we can also support the detailed implementation, covering the technological, business, and human aspects. 

Our pillars

Levio brings a comprehensive array of mission-critical advisory services to its clients from management consulting in the areas of strategy, performance, digital and IT, and change management. Our practices — individually and collectively — help our clients with the delivery of their investment agenda. 


  • Customer and employee journey mapping 
  • Business strategy 
  • Modernization road mapping 
  • Cost reductions 
  • Change management 
  • Benefits identification and realization 

Levio has a strong delivery track record. With disciplined program and project management professionals, change management experts, and local and offshore delivery teams, we tackle your transformation initiatives and deliver the expected business results. Levio always delivers on scope, on budget and on time!  


  • Project and program -management 
  • Architecture 
  • Design thinking experts that provide guidance 
  • Business process design  
  • Customer journey mapping 
  • ERP deployment 
  • Expert staffing 

Levio partners with you to cater to your technical needs. With leading- edge expertise in cybersecurity and enterprise risk management, solutions architecture, ERP implementation, evolution and maintenance, software engineering, cloud and infrastructure, AI, data and analytics, we take on any challenges with you. 

  • Core system modernization 
  • API integration 
  • IoT, robotics, and networks 
  • Microservices development 
  • Custom software and solutions development  
  • Cloud migration 
  • Cybersecurity, risk assessment, and testing services 
  • Payment infrastructure  
  • Mobile application development 
  • AI, BI, ML, and massive data modernization 

Levio in action