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Business and Solution Architecture

Rapidly evolving technologies and the transition of businesses to digital operating models are forcing IT organizations to redefine their architectural approaches.

In addition to being able to take on the most complex architecture projects, our business and solution architecture professionals help our clients evolve their architecture teams to support new strategic directions while leveraging advancements in cloud, digital, and analytics. We’re committed to enhancing our services by developing solution architectures that enable high-performance, secure, and integrated applications that seamlessly grow alongside your business. Additionally, we possess extensive expertise in assisting organizations with implementing effective architecture functions.

Our team of business and solution architects supports you in achieving consistency and alignment across your organizational objectives, business processes, information systems, and technologies. We work closely with you to establish a clear and unified vision of your transformation program's components and communicate the necessary steps for successful implementation. Through this process, we ensure all stakeholders are kept in sync and aligned with the target, resulting in a seamless and effective transformation.


The Levio team is an accelerator for your organization. The breadth of our project management offering allows us to intervene as much in the field of digital transformation as in the field of business. From the establishment of the roadmap and its execution down to the smallest detail, Levio makes it possible to plan and execute projects that are important to you.


Levio commits to a series of milestones and delivers value on those milestones every time.


Levio is a true business and IT partner that supports its customers over the long term.

Industry knowledge

Levio has access to the right IT and industry experts to make your digital transformation as seamless as possible.

Digital native

Levio was not built on legacy systems, making sure our clients are met with a solution that is right and customized for them.

Our Business & Solution Architecture Service Offering

By providing a comprehensive framework for understanding and structuring your business processes and data structures, we empower your organization to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency. Our team of expert consultants is dedicated to uncovering opportunities for growth and development, ensuring our solutions are built on a solid and sustainable foundation. With our cutting-edge approach to business architecture and analysis, you can trust Levio to drive real, measurable results for your organization.

Our capabilities:

  • Business Architecture Guild (BIZBOK)
  • PMI (PBA)
  • Business process modelling
  • Domain driven design

Architecture and functional analysis work together to identify business needs and provide technology solutions. They play an essential role in ensuring the delivery of secure, high-performance, adaptive, and easy-to-maintain technology components that align with business objectives. Our consultants are involved in all stages of your transformation project from preliminary work to system design, implementation, quality assurance, and maintenance.

Our capabilities:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Enterprise integration patterns
  • Modelling (Archimate, UML)
  • Domain driven design
  • Database architecture
  • Microservices
  • Quality assurance
  • Implementation approaches

We understand that the success of your digital transformation program depends on a comprehensive and coherent vision of your organization's business processes, information domains, systems, and technologies. That's where our business architecture services come in. By combining business and technology expertise, we provide a holistic view of your organization's interrelated components, allowing you to identify gaps and prioritize work.

Our team will map your current program and target outcomes, enabling you to drive meaningful, measurable results. You can trust that your digital transformation program will be in the hands of experienced professionals who understand the complexities of today's business landscape.

Our capabilities:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Modelling (ArchiMate, UML)
  • Domain driven design - Enterprise integration patterns
  • Program management and implementation approaches

Levio in action