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Your Real-Time Payments Partner

With the Federal Reserve’s launch of FedNow, financial institutions are keen to explore the possibilities of real-time payments. Embark on your real-time payment transformation journey with Levio's Real-Time-Payment Framework, guaranteeing a reliable, secure, and integrated instant payment solution.


Our Added Value

Consultant Specialization​ - Our consultants have specialization in developing business cases, enhancing processes, completing integrations to TCH RTP and FedNow and the supporting services.

Delivery Capabilities​- Our team has thousands of hours of experience delivering each of the key components of instant payment enablement and surrounding services.

Team Experience ​- Our financial services practice includes 1500+ consultants, many with hands-on experience in payments and ISO 20022 standards interpretations.

Flexible Delivery​ - We offer an approach that meets your business objectives, and we pride ourselves on our record of on-time and on-budget delivery.

  • 30+ Years of working at large financial industry companies
  • 25+ Financial Services and Insurance Clients
  • 12 Global Offices
  • 200+ Business Partners

Levio Knows Real-Time Payments

Levio's Trusted Framework

Levio's Real-Time Payment Framework ensures a reliable, secure, and integrated instant payment service for you.






Imagine Your Success. Visualize Your Journey.

Educate Stakeholders to have a common understanding of the facts and accelerating your team’s understanding of the instant payments landscape.

Define Use Case to consider impacts on deposit operations, liquidity, risk, and client service when exploring how best to implement innovations.

Develop Business Case to identify value from multiple angles: cost-savings from streamlined operations and vendor expense, retention benefits, and new revenue opportunities.


Chart your path to success.

Provide a Solution Architecture that knits together solutions based on your financial institution's preferred approach and operational requirements. 

Recommend Technology Selection will identify and recommend solutions that work with your existing systems in your current environment.  

Coordinate Execution across the financial institution and all stakeholders to achieve a real-time payment integration.  


Launch your Real-Time Payment Journey,

Create Detailed Design of clear requirements, data flow diagrams, API descriptions and a thorough test plan  

Complete Integration to rewiring your payments platform for real-time payments or Develop Custom Tool(s) like operational dashboards, reporting consoles, cloud observability and operational support systems.

Add Change Management knowing that implementing real-time payments requires financial services technology operations teams to respond to operational needs, business needs, changing regulatory and compliance requirements, and required third-party software upgrades.


Embrace Change. Evaluate Success.

Evaluate Fraud Protection since real-time payments are guaranteed and irrevocable, financial institutions need to ensure precautions are in place for fraudulent transactions.  

Implement Operational Support to provide assurance that systems are always-on, but technical leaders know that things go bump in the night – even in the cloud.  

Expand Visibility & Reporting requires intelligence systems that go well beyond reporting and dashboards.


Download Levio's Real-Time Payment Framework and discover where your organization lies in the journey to real-time payment enablement.

Real-Time Payments Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! On July 20th, 2023, the Federal Reserve announced the launch of FedNow. FedNow officially launched with 35 early adopters, and more have signed on every week.

In a nutshell, real-time payments are payments where money moves instantly through an infrastructure known as payment rails. In the U.S., there are two systems that enable real-time payments: FedNow and TCH RTP. These solutions enable financial institutions to send and receive funds in seconds. Real-time Payments are irrevocable, and only support credit or 'push' payments. There is no ability to 'pull' or debit another bank account at this time.

While both FedNow and TCH RTP enable real-time payments, the two systems have differences. We’ve summarized the similarities and differences below.




Available in USA



Open Loop Systems



Support Instantaneous Settlements



ISO® 20022 standard 



Strictly “credit push” only






U.S. Federal Reserve​



Consortium of major U.S. banks known as The Clearing House​



Eligible Participants

Financial institutions (FI) authorized by a Federal Reserve bank​

Depository institutions (DI) that conduct business from an office located in the U.S.​

·       Have an account with Federal Reserve Banks or a funding arrangement with funding agent approved by TCH​

·       Are able to operate 24x7x365 days in accordance with the RTP operating rules and technical specifications (directly or via Third-party service provider) and is approved by TCH as a participant​


Participation Fees

$25/month for each routing number enrolled in the service to receive credit transfers​


Contact TCH​



Monthly service participation Fee: $25​ for each routing transit number (RTN) that receives credit transfers​

Transaction paid including returns by sender fee: $0.045​ ​

Request for payment message to be paid by the requestor: $0.01​ ​

Detailed fee schedule: ​


Network fees:​ ​

Credit transfer sent: $0.045​ ​

Request for payment sent: $0.01​ ​

Remittance advice sent: $0.01​ ​

Fees owed to other participants​: ​

Request for payment incentive fee: $0.10​ ​

Connectivity​ costs associated with either MPLS or secure VPN connections will be calculated and charged monthly.​

Detailed fee schedule: refer RTP_-Pricing_02-07-2019.pdf ​

Many financial institutions will be automatically enabled to receive real-time payments through their core provider. Receiving funds is just the beginning – what gets bankers excited is the ability to send funds, which enables new types of transactions. In certain instances, sending funds can be a simple process. Levio can help guide you in determining a timeframe for supporting your specific use cases.

Your core provider or payment processor can tell you when your financial institution will be enabled. Levio can also connect you to FedNow and TCH directly. In fact, Levio did the heavy lifting to connect a major payment processor to TCH and FedNow.

ISO 20022 is an open global standard for financial information. It provides consistent, rich and structured data that can be used for every kind of financial business transaction. It is relevant to financial institutions that want to streamline their communication infrastructure and associated costs by opting for a single, common "language" for all financial communications.

These payment requests are a standard message set that all banks agree to use. For example, think of a Request for Payment as an invoice message that includes the biller’s payment information and a link to a detailed bill. It’s sent by the biller to its bank, which routes the payment request to the payor’s bank. The payor can authorize payment, schedule payment, refuse payment, or snooze the request.

Faster, Instant, and Real-Time Payments Explained


Faster Payments

Instant Payments

Real-Time Payments


Faster payments refer to a category of electronic payment systems that are designed to process payments more quickly than traditional methods like checks or wire transfers. These payments typically clear and settle within a few hours or, in some cases, by the end of the same business day.


Instant payments, are payments that are processed and settled 24/7/365, don't rely on batch processing, and settle instantly or within a matter of seconds. They also offer near-instantaneous availability of funds to the recipient.

Real-time payments are a subset of instant payments, offering the same instant processing and settlement characteristics. However, the term "real-time" emphasizes the continuous, immediate nature of these transactions. Funds are guaranteed and irrevocable. 


Same Day ACH (Automated Clearing House) is an example of a faster payment system in the United States. It allows for same-day clearing and settlement of certain ACH transactions.

Payment systems like the Faster Payments Service in the UK, SEPA Instant Credit Transfer in the Eurozone, and Visa Direct / Mastercard push-to-card solutions in the U.S.

FedNow, The Clearing House's RTP (Real-Time Payments) network in the United States and the Faster Payments System in Hong Kong are examples of real-time payment systems.


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