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Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, empowers organizations to harness the customer-360 view, enhancing operations and experiences using AI, data, automation, and personalization, at scale.

Levio is a Summit-level Salesforce Partner, the highest tier of partnership, a Salesforce Managed Services Provider (MSP), and a Salesforce Global Supplier Agreement (GSA) partner. Our expertise and services cover the entirety of the Salesforce platform, including all Clouds. 

Our Added Value

Our unique business value is to deliver quality and value faster for our customers. Our teams of certified experts combine technical expertise and business experience to ensure alignment between your strategic objectives and the use of the Salesforce platform. We implement and deliver using an agile methodology, which enables your organization to keep pace with evolving internal and external needs and expectations. 

Our use of Salesforce standards and best practices accelerates the speed of your continuous improvement without complicating maintenance. Our industry and organization specific implementations are customized and personalized based on your needs, giving your organization a competitive edge, and leveraging a greater return on your Salesforce investment. 

​​​Levio knows Salesforce

For over 10 years,

Levio has kept customer success at the heart of its practice, with Salesforce services that cover the entire platform, including the Salesforce AppExchange of 3,500+ native and 3rd party applications, and 3rd party integrations. 


  • Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Experience Cloud 
  • Revenue Cloud, CPQ & Commerce Cloud 
  • Marketing Cloud & Data Cloud 


  • Manufacturing Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud, Net Zero Cloud 
  • OmniStudio 


  • Mulesoft, Slack & Tableau 
  • 3,500+ applications on the Salesforce AppExchange 
  • 3rd party integrations (ERP, accounting, LMS, etc.) 

Field of intervention

Levio Salesforce services include all types of mandates, including new implementations, continuous improvement of existing instances, rescue missions, integrating business units or acquisitions, creating new digital experiences, and the integration of other enterprise systems.  

We stand out for our ability to carry out strategic support missions, by providing training and change management services. Our goal is to offer you customized solutions, tailored to your specific needs, to help you achieve your business objectives with efficiency and excellence. 

IT projects falter when there's a disconnect between business strategy, prioritized initiatives, and execution. Additionally, organizations can lose sight of the initial objectives or fail to adapt to changes in market expectations. 

In this context, ensuring a strong alignment between the organization’s strategy and IT decisions is critical. Using processes that enable agile adjustments is also necessary to meet the changing needs of target customers and stakeholders.  

Levio offers the following services: 

  • Strategic accompaniment using proven methodologies 
  • Alignment between strategy and technological roadmap 

The quality of a project, solution, or implementation is crucial for its impact and return on investment. Delivering high-quality projects relies on several factors from both the client and the service provider. In both cases, commitment, rigor, agility, leadership, and attention to detail are key ingredients to achieve the desired outcome.  

Levio offers the following services: 

  • Implementation and improvement of existing instances  
  • Long term digital acceleration programs 

For an optimal customer experience, teams must deeply understand the customer. To achieve this, it is necessary to break down silos between teams, departments, and systems, so that all customer-serving business functions (marketing, sales, customer service, customer success and partner teams, etc.) have a comprehensive view of the customer’s history with the organization. This 360-degree view of customers and accounts can only be achieved by integrating systems. 

From the customer’s perspective, the 360-degree view ensures that their interactions with your staff and processes are contextualized and personalized using information shared across teams.  

Levio offers the following services: 

  • Integration of 3rd party systems to Salesforce, whether it be via connectors, Web Services, API and other methodologies 

For many IT specialties, finding and retaining resources with the right level of expertise and experience can be challenging. The Salesforce ecosystem is no exception. As the #1 CRM in the world, certified and experienced resources in the Salesforce domain are in high demand. Moreover, mastering the breadth of the platform and its various Clouds require many sub-specialties. 

Our experts work with our clients every day in a managed services mode to complement or augment their internal teams. They do so to help improve, support and maintain our customers’ Salesforce platform and applications. In doing so, our clients benefit from certified and experienced experts who help them achieve their vision. 

Each organization has a unique approach to change. Differences in culture, teams, individuals, and the systems/tools employed contribute to this diversity. Regardless of platforms and processes being implemented, humans and their adoption of technology remain at the center of everything. Ultimately, it is people collaborating in teams who determine the ROI of any change; technology is there to serve them. 

Our change management experts work every day with our clients to design and implement change and accompaniment programs based on the uniqueness of each organization. At the center of each initiative are the people who will create and be affected by change. 

Levio in Action