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Blue Relay

Streamline document lifecycle management with Blue Relay by using workflows to automate your business processes, reducing processing time and improving document accuracy.

Blue Relay helps assure compliance to regulatory and governance programs by ensuring communication contents quality, publication time-sensitivity, and review process efficiency for industries such as Health Benefits Management and Financial Services. 

Blue Relay’s Advantage

Quality Assurance 

Blue Relay enables your team to produce high-quality and accurate documents. Meet Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Compliance expectations while reducing human error. 

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation removes human error and allows your team to focus on critical tasks. Blue Relay’s no-code automation simplifies the orchestration of your business processes. 

Resource Management

Manage your communication content and team members all in the same place. 

Enabling Best Practices in Document Lifecycle Management

Blue Relay shines in organizations where document lifecycle is a critical part of a larger team process. 

  • Review customer communications prior to printing and dispatch. 
  • Manage materials and automate processes for compliance initiatives. 
  • Revise client contracts as your client requests changes. 

Blue Relay Features

Enable process participants to execute the task at hand while Blue Relay handles process automation.  

Attach comments and questions to specific folders, files, or in-document content. Use predefined Q&A forms to guide purpose specific exchanges. 

Enable users to perform content comparisons between different versions of the same document. Promote collaboration by annotating document content. Blue Relay keeps track of document versions as new copies are uploaded to the system. 

Automate user actions via data lookup or triggered by system events. User actions can also act as an event trigger for downstream actions.

Support upstream third-party integrations via APIs and invoke downstream web services via event actions. 

Blue Relay Use Cases

Build your process around automation to ensure best practices are observed without impeding your staff’s day-to-day operations. Meet compliance standards by automatically recording all user interactions for audit purposes. 
Blue Relay supports governance and compliance beginning from policy making, policies updates, to implementation of procedures according to policies. 

Blue Relay is an excellent tool in aiding the proofing process. Reduce staff onboarding time and costs during peak workload and review times. Blue Relay Forms create various checklists to reduce staff onboarding effort and dynamically respond to data/input and events.  

Customer communication tasks supporting campaigns are often seasonal and sensitive to calendar dates. Blue Relay workflow supports both scheduling and tracking of actions according to the events and plans. Reports and dashboard widgets can be created to keep tabs on time-sensitive matters and review their progress. 


Companies who offer composition and printing services use Blue Relay to streamline client interaction from service request initiation to execution, review, and delivery.  

Blue Relay improves quality assurance by:


  • Issuing tracking that is purposely built around document reviews. 
  • Providing document version management. 
  • Enabling document compare, markup and annotation. 
  • Creating checklists or job guides, using Blue Relay Forms. 
  • Keeping clients informed of job status via auto notifications. 
  • Multi-tenancy support to ensure each client's material and collaboration artifacts are isolated from the others.