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September 7, 2023

Montreal, September 7, 2023 – Levio, a leading business and technology consulting firm, is pleased to announce the acquisition of SOLJIT, a fast-growing expert in Salesforce, the world's number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, and a partner and reseller of OneSpan’s electronic signature solution. The acquisition will enable Levio to expand its CRM capabilities and enhance its range of services in the Martech space. 

The acquisition brings together Levio's extensive business and IT offerings and SOLJIT's proficiency in Salesforce CRM implementation, resulting in a formidable force capable of delivering end-to-end technology solutions that drive business success. Current and future clients of both companies will benefit from the combined strengths of Levio and SOLJIT, gaining access to a broader array of services and technological insights. 

“This is a highly strategic acquisition for Levio which brings new partner relationship with Salesforce. The SOLJIT team provides a solid foundation to accelerate Levio’s growth across North America by adding a new offer to its digital transformation offering. Levio strongly values SOLJIT’s talent, firm experience, leadership, customers, and offerings. We are pleased to onboard the entire leadership team, employees and contractors of SOLJIT, to continue to build a leading digital native, business and IT consulting company”, says François Dion, Levio’s President and Founder. 

SOLJIT has earned a reputation as a trailblazer in the Salesforce CRM implementation space, with a proven track record of helping businesses optimize their customer interactions, streamline processes, and drive growth. As such, they are among the few to have reached the highest level of partnership and have become a Salesforce Summit Partner (Platinum), which is reserved for companies who demonstrate exceptional customer service and innovation. 

“We are proud to join Levio’s team and help accelerate its development in the Salesforce ecosystem across Canada, the United-States and other markets. This acquisition will also strongly benefit our employees, who will be able to share their expertise with more clients and teammates, and who should feel right at home, as Levio’s and SOLJIT’s organizational cultures are aligned”, states Michel Kassab, President and Co-Founder at SOLJIT. 

Levio intends to accelerate SOLJIT’s already impressive growth by expanding the client base into the institutional and enterprise markets, by opening new vertical markets and continuing to expand its geographic reach. 

The similarity in cultures between SOLJIT and Levio has been a key factor in this acquisition. Both companies are committed to delivering exceptional customer-centric solutions and boast a customer-focused approach where bringing value to the client is paramount. This shared vision will ensure a seamless integration process, and a unified client and employee experience. 

About Levio 

Levio is a digital native consulting firm providing services covering all aspects of digital transformation, from business strategies to information technologies (IT), to organizational management. Since its creation in 2014, Levio has grown by leaps and bounds, and was listed on America’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2021 for its sustainable growth. Moreover, for a second year in a row, Levio ranks among the top 25 Best Places to Work in Canada according to Glassdoor. 

The firm specializes in supporting its institutional and corporate clients when implementing digital transformation programs or mega-projects. For close to 10 years, Levio has built its reputation on an outstanding team of consultants who deliver substantial solutions benefiting from new technologies to help its clients gain efficiency and profitability. Levio now comprises nearly 2 000 consultants in its 12 offices in Canada, the United States, Morocco, India and France. 

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Since its creation in 2009, SOLJIT combines technical expertise and business experience to accompany its clients in their digital transformation. SOLJIT has been a Salesforce Partner since 2013, completing over 800 projects. Over the years, with an ever-growing number of satisfied customers, accolades and certified experts, SOLJIT has reached the highest level of Salesforce partner: Summit. SOLJIT is also a partner and reseller of OneSpan Sign, a best-in-class electronic signature solution. 

With nearly 100 employees and consultants serving the Canadian and U.S. markets, SOLJIT works and manages their teams under the motto “We Care. We Lead. We Deliver.”, which has helped them provide quality services to hundreds of clients in multiple industries including manufacturing, finance, transport, public sector, and SaaS companies. 

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