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Menya, the AI division of Levio

Menya is a leader in the development and integration of AI technologies for the defence and space sectors with extensive experience in the development of solutions for C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), decision support systems, threat assessment, intention recognition, mission planning and situational awareness.  

Two decades of excellence and innovation in the defence, space and manufacturing industries

Menya has provided industry-leading software and engineering solutions to the defense, space and manufacturing industry for nearly 20 years. We have developed award-winning products for command and control (C2), reasoning and automation that are at the core of some of the most sophisticated projects in Canada (Canadarm3 and Halifax-class frigate modernization). We strive to deliver outstanding value for all your AI challenges. 

AI for the defence industry  

Our experienced team is highly specialized in C2, C4ISR, tactical planning, intent recognition, threat assessment and risk analysis, to provide key AI-assisted battle support for the air, land and sea domains. We have developed CORALS, an award-winning AI platform for C4ISR and naval battle support for the Halifax-class frigate. Find out more about our services and products for the defence industry.

AI for the space industry  

Partner with Menya to leverage our two decades of industry-leading experience in advanced reasoning, motion planning, execution planning and autonomous systems. We have developed cutting edge technologies such as HybridLogic, a proprietary reasoning AI technology integrated in Canadarm3. Learn more about our services and products for the space industry.