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Case Study SHQ

February 10, 2023

Luc Pâquet

our client's mission  

As the government agency responsible for housing, the Société d'habitation du Québec is responsible for the implementation of housing programs and services to the population.  


executive summary 

The Quebec government is mandating its ministries and public agencies to move to cloud technologies. These public organizations, including the SHQ, have only a few years to close their data centers and migrate to the cloud infrastructures of suppliers pre-qualified by the government. Levio was chosen by the Société d'habitation du Québec to help them meet the Quebec government's requirements. 


Challenges to meet the decree mandated by the Quebec government

Several challenges are emerging at the SHQ to meet the government's demand: 

  • Limited expertise in cloud computing
  • Limited human resources
  • Human resources already mandated in other technological achievements within the organization
  • Time constraint imposed by government decree
  • Mission systems in the organization that must be migrated with the least impact on SHQ's operations
  • Government control procedures that delay the execution of the work


Levio as a partner to meet SHQ's challenges in moving to cloud computing

In order to meet the government's request, the SHQ called on Levio's expertise to support the teams in place. The SHQ experts already had an idea of the AWS cloud architecture they wanted. Levio's role was to review this architecture and make some adjustments based on our experience with AWS services.  

In order to quickly deliver value to the SHQ, we quickly started proofs of concept on specific points. This way of doing things allows the client to quickly gain experience with the services and concepts related to cloud computing.


The proposed architecture consists of some the following AWS services:
  • Processing: Containers with EKS (Fargate and EC2)  

  • Databases with RDS (MySQL)  

  • Security with AWS WAF, IAM, CloudWatch

Building a foundation for a successful transition to cloud computing with AWS 

Following the architectural work, Levio ensured to:  

  • Implement an ASEA (AWS) landing zone that complies with government security requirements and meets the needs of the SHQ
  • Begin the migration of certain systems to this reception area
  • Carry out the transfer of knowledge to the SHQ teams


AWS Secure Environment Accelerator (ASEA)

Migration of the first load

The next logical step was to migrate some loads into the landing zone, so Levio made sure that different systems with different security requirements would be migrated. This allowed the SHQ to quickly see where the security and performance challenges were.  

As in all our mandates, the Levio team made sure to constantly involve the client's teams in order to have a continuous transfer of knowledge. 



Levio is proud to have accompanied the SHQ in this important project. The SHQ now has in place a secure AWS environment, with processing and storage capabilities that will not overload IT teams with non-value-added maintenance. Most importantly, the SHQ now has the tools to meet the government decree.


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