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Levio Amazon Web Services

Levio assists organizations in their migration to cloud computing. Our expertise in cloud migration is supported by the AWS migration methodology. Here are the highlights.

Steps to a Successful Migration to the AWS Cloud

Assess your readiness

  • Evaluate the level of competence of your experts 
  • Make an inventory of your technological components and information systems 
  • What are the motivations for your cloud migration (why the cloud?) 
  • Define an action plan 


  • Defining the migration plan 
  • How to make your move to cloud computing profitable? 
  • Addressing security and governance issues 
  • Setting up the landing zone 

Migrate & Modernize

  • Execute the migration plan, application by application 
  • Moving data to AWS services 
  • Offload servers by moving to serverless 
  • Migrating data to unlicensed managed services  

Optimizing AWS Migration Services

At each of these stages, Levio makes sure to optimize AWS migration services to speed up the migration process by taking advantage of AWS best practices and services. Some of these services include: 

Levio Knows AWS 

Levio distinguishes itself by offering cloud migration via its delivery center (Levio Delivery Center - LDC). This approach allows for faster migration, financial risk sharing between Levio and the customer, and the expertise of all Levio employees at the appropriate time. 

In addition, Levio's Advanced partnership with AWS gives Levio and its customers access to AWS's high-level experts. 

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