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Case Study Logisco

Cloud Migration – Private Sector  

February 10, 2023

Luc Pâquet

Our client’s mission  

Logisco’s mission is to ensure the quality of rental life for their clients by acquiring, building and managing evolving residential and commercial real estate projects, while respecting their employees and collaborators.  


Executive Summary 

Logisco must perform in terms of information technology. Decisions must be made quickly, and the contribution of information systems is essential. So how to have easily accessible and reliable information? The solution is to optimize the systems with the contribution of cloud services.  


Human and technological challenges 

 Logisco, like many growing companies, is facing the following challenges   

  • Very young IT team  
  • Very little maturity in terms of development and infrastructure  
  • Use of cloud services with little result  
  • Development team operations not aligned with current practices  
  • Security and availability of information systems.  


A client-Levio team to meet these challenges 

Logisco and Levio currently form a team whose objective is to bring value to Logisco through the contribution of information technology. From the very first discussions, it was decided to migrate to AWS cloud services with the goal of reducing unnecessary tasks for the IT team.  


From the outset, Levio's tasks were to:   

  • Address the need for basic training on cloud computing and AWS services  
  • Map the current systems  
  • Support and develop a DevOps flow with the Gitlab tool  
  • Migration of systems to cloud native mode  
  • Develop a microservice and event-driven architecture  
  • Eliminate servers by using serverless  


Automation, the solution to many problems 

The watchword is to automate as much as possible given the reduced number of IT experts in place. So, whether it is the deployment of cloud architecture components, security or mission systems code, everything is automated to reduce human handling. The DevOps flow is therefore at the heart of the proper functioning of the environment in place.   

The microservice architecture and the "serverless" philosophy also make it possible to significantly reduce the number of components under the responsibility of the Logisco IT team. This responsibility falls to the AWS provider.   


A Landing Zone (LZ) as a solid foundation for security 

In order to get a good start on a journey to cloud services, it is essential to set up a landing zone that meets security and governance needs.   

Levio has therefore deployed a landing zone in Logisco's AWS environments, based on the AWS Control Tower service. In addition, security components (firewalls) in service mode, coming from a third-party provider, were inserted into this landing zone.  


Migration phase 

A migration plan serves as a roadmap for the teams in place in order to know the migration strategy adopted application by application and the planning of this application. In order to optimize the move to the AWS cloud, it was decided to prioritize "re-factoring", i.e. redesigning, the applications by optimizing the AWS serverless services, micro-services and managed databases, to name a few.  


GitLab deployment environment with EC2 Spot Instances - API / Serverless 

A key element of application migration automation and success is the GitLab SAAS environment. In order to optimize performance and costs, Levio integrated the use of EC2 Spot instances for the GitLab runners. In addition, throughout the project, serverless was always the preferred option, as was the use of APIs.  


Results obtained 

Architecture, implementation and documentation of the cloud infrastructure for the environments (DEV, QA, UAT, PROD) allowing the best flexibility and improved availability, easy scalability and fast access to applications and data, reduced development and maintenance costs, quick and easy upgrades, and improved security.   

Implementation of a set of measures and practices to protect the whole from threats and attacks (authentication, authorization, system and network audit, identity and access management, physical security and software security).   

Finally, implementation of the monitoring and support policy.  


About Logisco  

LOGISCO is a real estate group that has been involved in the construction and management of residential and commercial buildings for over 50 years. In addition to offering quality rental spaces and strategic locations for its buildings, LOGISCO carefully selects land on both the South Shore and the North Shore of Quebec City. The company's fully integrated model includes land acquisition, building design and construction, and property management.  


Levio, a transformation lever for organizations  

Simplify and streamline the digital transformation process using an approach tailored to our customers' context, focusing on rapid value generation and risk management.  

Levio is an AWS Advanced Partner. 

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