AI & Big Data

To achieve your goals and increase your competitiveness 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently revolutionizing many socio-economic sectors. AI has become an essential part of the digital transformation of organizations. The question is no longer when to introduce it, but how to do it.

For over 10 years, we have been helping organizations like yours achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity, and service improvement with AI-powered solutions. Levio supports teams in many industries, from manufacturing to aerospace to marketing.

Make the first step

Starting your first AI project is often the most difficult step. We will work with you to identify your greatest opportunities and then implement the steps needed to achieve your goals and increase your competitiveness. 

Personalized support

Menya, Levio’s AI division offers a combination of strategic consulting and implementation expertise. Our experts will guide you and take care of integrating AI into your operations, while familiarising your teams with the techniques and approaches.



Levio employs a user-centric approach that benefits from the analytic, predictive, and reasoning capabilities of AI

At Levio, we work with business stakeholders and end users to understand context and tailor our AI machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to the task at hand.

Our approach allows

  • Turning data into knowledge for optimal decision making
  • Predicting future values based on past data
  • Prioritizing tasks and optimize the execution of operations
  • Improving efficiency and security through sound governance
  • Leveraging a natural collaboration between humans and AI
  • Keeping you ahead of the competition through continuous innovation

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