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Levio and Voonyx Combine Their Activities

With this acquisition, Levio continues its growth trajectory as a leader in digital transformation in Canada.

September 8, 2021

QUEBEC CITY, Sept. 8, 2021 - Levio, an information technology (IT) and business consulting firm, joins forces with Voonyx, a software engineering consulting firm.

With Voonyx adding more than 120 highly talented professionals to the Levio team, this second acquisition in the summer of 2021 brings the company's consultant count to more than 1,600 across Canada, the U.S. and Morocco, and confirms Levio as the leading digital transformation company in the country.

"We immediately felt a connection between the people at Voonyx and our team at Levio. Voonyx is a dynamic and growing company that stands out in the market for the high quality of its consultants and the excellence of its services.

Their specialization in the integration of GuideWire and EIS software packages, their expertise in JAVA, web and mobile cross-platform development, combined with Levio's talent pool, will enable us to guide our clients towards the efficient digital transformation of their organizations and generating business value.

Levio welcomes these new consultants, who will help deliver value to our clients, while giving them access to new career opportunities and even more rewarding and motivating projects", said Levio President François Dion.

"For nearly 11 years, the Voonyx team has built an enviable reputation in the consulting services market, both for its expertise in delivering exceptional quality to our clients and for its people skills. We are very motivated to continue to leverage this expertise in the Levio ecosystem and thus maintain our leadership position, not only in the implementation component, but in the overall digital transformation of our customers.

Joining a Quebec-based company was clearly an important element in our decision. Having a common vision and shared values will greatly facilitate our integration within the group and ensure that everyone is heading in the same direction. Our ambitions are high and we believe we are in an excellent position to provide our customers with an unparalleled service offering", said Philippe Larouche, Co-President of Voonyx.

"In our initial discussions with Levio, we identified a great potential for synergies. Our customers will have access to Levio's global solutions for their large-scale transformation projects, both on the business and technology side, while continuing to rely on Voonyx's specialized services in the area of software architecture and development.

We firmly believe that our undisputed expertise in program management, project management, strategic planning, business architecture and an impressive delivery capability, combined with a top team of professionals, is a key differentiator from current industry offerings in terms of performance, efficiency, cost and ease of doing business," added Kevin Bouchard, also Co-President of Voonyx.

About Levio

Levio is an information technology (IT) and organizational management consulting firm, ranked 2nd among the fastest-growing Canadian companies in the 2019 edition of Canadian Business magazine's Growth 500.

The company specializes in helping clients implement digital transformation programs or large-scale projects. Over the past 8 years, Levio has built its reputation on a team of outstanding consultants who deliver large-scale solutions that leverage new technologies to help clients become more efficient and profitable. Levio now employs over 1,600 consultants across its eight offices in Canada, the United States and Morocco.


About Voonyx

As software engineering experts for nearly 11 years, Voonyx has been helping companies make a technology shift, overhaul their information systems, or implement web or mobile software solutions. Voonyx's expertise covers multiple areas of competence, enabling its clients to perfectly integrate vision and execution.

Voonyx has won several awards over the years, including a Fidéide in 2020 in the HR Best Practices category and a ranking among the Top 100 Employers in Canada (Small and Medium Business category) for the past 6 years.