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The Digital Front Door and Artificial Intelligence

Photo of a modern hospital
February 2, 2023

Duff Glaser

“Knock Knock...  

Who’s there?  

Theodore, your Digital Advocate from Hospital X, how may I help you today? ”  

The Patient Portal has evolved. It has evolved to a fully collaborative Digital Front Door that enhances the Patient Experience and smoothes out the Patient Journey. What does this mean for the patient? Better outcomes, a safer Patient Experience, and higher Patient Satisfaction Scores.

But more importantly, it increases access to healthcare, the viability of healthcare institutions, and most importantly, it increases the communication and sustainability of the Patient-Caregiver relationship. The initial Digital Front Doors have been fantastic in creating access and function to patients entering their healthcare facility.  


Today with newer technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we can now engage the patient more closely and assist them during their care experience. 

By integrating more legacy systems and adapting the front door to collaborate with billing and Revenue Cycle, The Digital Front Door becomes more of an integrated enterprise solution that can be more all-encompassing and rewarding to all stakeholders in the enterprise. The Digital Front Door is more of a vehicle; it is not merely about entering, but about staying connected. 

In putting the Patient First, meet them at the door, welcome them and embrace them in an effort to provide the safest, best experience during their healthcare journey. 

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