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Customer Experience Center as a Service (CXaaS): An Innovative Solution for Cities and Government

September 21, 2023

Luc Pâquet

To improve the efficiency of their citizen services, municipalities, and governments at all levels must adopt advanced technologies. Levio, in partnership with AWS, stands out in this field by offering cutting-edge cloud and artificial intelligence solutions.

Steps to Success in Cloud Computing

Customer Experience Center as a Service (CXaaS): An Innovative Solution

To provide a seamless, accessible, and personalized user experience, a CXaaS platform is strongly recommended. Levio offers a Customer Experience Center as a Service (CXaaS) powered by AWS, which revolutionizes citizen engagement through a fully cloud-based platform.

Continuous Availability: 24/7/365

Citizens demand increased availability and responsiveness. One of the major strengths of Levio's CXaaS Center is its ability to provide answers to citizens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This feature is particularly relevant in the current context of labor shortages. Thanks to the integration of advanced artificial intelligence, our offer allows most requests to be handled without human intervention, ensuring uninterrupted service continuity.

Collateral Benefits of Cloud Migration

Reducing Dependence on Human Labor

In times of labor shortage, the ability to operate independently of human agents is a considerable advantage. The services of Levio's CXaaS Center allow administrations to lighten the load on their staff while maintaining a high level of service. This autonomy allows agents to focus on more complex and value-added tasks.

Multichannel and Artificial Intelligence

The CXaaS uses a multichannel approach, combined with artificial intelligence, to effectively handle citizen requests. Natural language analysis and machine learning systems allow for a quick and personalized understanding and response to user needs.

Security and Reliability

Security is a paramount factor when it comes to technology, especially  when it comes to cloud computing. In partnership with AWS, Levio ensures maximum security and reliability for the CXaaS. Data protection and service continuity are guaranteed, reinforcing the trust of citizens and administrations in our solution.

CXaaS and AWS

In our cloud-based CXaaS (Customer Experience as a Service) offering, we leverage several AWS services to deliver an optimized, intelligent customer experience. Among these services, Amazon Connect forms the backbone of our contact center, enabling flexible and scalable call management. Amazon Lex, with its advanced natural language understanding and speech recognition capabilities, powers our conversational interfaces and chatbots, offering customers smooth, natural interactions.

By integrating Amazon Bedrock, our suite gains cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities, promoting a personalized and proactive customer experience. This AI service enriches our CXaaS offering by providing predictive analytics, process automation and large-scale personalization.

Thanks to this synergy of AWS services, our CXaaS solution is able to transform customer interactions, simplify customer journey management and improve overall satisfaction, all while leveraging the scalability, performance and security offered by the AWS cloud. This represents a competitive advantage for companies looking to innovate their approach to customer experience.


Cities and governments seeking to modernize their citizen services have everything to gain by opting for a service offer based on the CXaaS, particularly the one offered by Levio's Customer Experience Center as a Service, powered by AWS. Levio's commitment to innovation and excellence positions it as a partner of choice in the development of more accessible, efficient, and contemporary public services.