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Architectural Kata

A Stepping Stone for Software Developers to Become Software Architects

May 2, 2024

Igal Ore

The journey of a software developer towards becoming a software architect involves a significant transition phase. This phase is not merely about learning new skills, but about adopting a new mindset, and taking on more complex responsibilities. At Levio, we understand the importance of this growth path, and we have embraced the concept of Architectural Kata as a crucial part of our software developer’s journey to becoming software architects.

Through Architectural Kata, developers engage in solving simulated problems, honing their software architecture expertise and making this career shift smoother. It does more than just enhance the technical abilities of developers. It molds them into strategic thinkers, effective decision-makers, and potential leaders, all of which are indispensable qualities of a software architect.

What is Architectural Kata?

An Architectural Kata is akin to a martial arts form—a meticulously choreographed pattern of movements. In software architecture, it involves solving specific design or architectural problems using a structured approach.

In Kata, participants sharpen their communication skills inside a small group of individuals making a design of the system. But also, other skills are actively used in the exercise: analyzing requirements, documenting technical design, defending the design before a larger committee.


Using Eraser.IO to Improve Kata Exercises

To further aid this transition and enhance the effectiveness of our Architectural Kata, we utilize innovative design tools like Eraser.IO and particularly it’s generative diagram from text module – DiagramGPT. These tools speed up the design process and encourage the use of innovative technologies in our Kata exercises.

How Levio Uses Architectural Kata to Support our Developers

The importance of Architectural Kata and the use of innovative tools in the growth path at Levio cannot be overstated:

  1. Guiding the Transition Phase: Architectural Kata, bolstered by the use of Eraser.IO and DiagramGPT is not just about developing new skills, but about aiding developers through the crucial transition phase. It helps them shift their perspective from writing code to designing entire systems, from solving immediate problems to strategizing long-term solutions.
  2. Learning from the Experts: At Levio, we believe in learning from the best. Hence, our senior architects actively participate in the Architectural Kata exercises. Watching these experienced architects at work provides an invaluable learning experience for our developers. It gives them a glimpse into the thought processes, decision-making strategies, and problem-solving tactics of successful architects.
  3. Preparing for Leadership Roles: Architectural Kata teaches developers to make strategic decisions, manage resources, and lead teams – skills that are vital for a software architect. It prepares them for the leadership roles that come with the territory of being an architect.
  4. Promoting Continuous Learning: The field of software development is constantly evolving. Architectural Kata, enhanced by the usage of innovative technologies, encourages continuous learning and adaptation, helping developers stay current with the latest technologies and methodologies.

Join Levio and Become the Architect of Tomorrow

At Levio, we are committed to nurturing our developers and guiding them through their journey to becoming software architects. We understand that this transition is a significant step, and we strive to make it as smooth as possible with practices like Architectural Kata. We believe that by investing in our developers today, we are building the architects of tomorrow.


Ready to take the next step in your software development career? We encourage you to visit our careers page to see if Levio has the perfect opportunity for you!