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Property & Casualty Insurance

As insurers move to the cloud to create flexibility in new product delivery and customer experiences, the customers, partner organizations, brokers, and employees all become affected by these changes. 

Creating partnerships with the right experts to assist with planning, resources, and delivery, become paramount not only to ensure stability, but also attain corporate goals.

Our added value

Partnering with Levio means extending the next generation of technology options to the Property & Casualty industry to create system flexibility, decrease business risk, and deliver a brighter customer experience. 

Our experts have first-hand experience modernizing insurance companies of every size.. We combine industry knowledge, business intelligence, and technical capabilities to help insurance organizations navigate through transformation.

Levio knows Property & Casualty

Today’s Property & Casualty (P&C) insurer enables business transformation through both the expansion of enterprise legacy systems and new cloud-based technologies. This transformation delivers new products and customer experiences, equalizes ever-changing regulatory issues, and balances its relationship with the broker community, all while staying ahead of the emerging needs of customers. But as change creates progress, new risks arise, and we’re here to help you stay on top of it. Levio has access to the right IT and industry experts to make your transformation as seamless as possible.

Trust Levio to Deliver and Help You Go Further, Faster.

Levio’s business model focuses on creating a long-term strategic partnership with you. We are committed to your success in reaching your business goals and recognize that every project requires flexibility with human capital.

This likely means working together within your current ecosystem of partners to provide a new level of subject matter expertise in P&C. Levio is here to help your decision-making, and drive your projects with quality and accountability, on time and within budget.


Levio has helped customers implement the Guidewire core InsuranceSuite and Digital Portals, as well as upgrade their ecosystem to the latest version to migrate to Guidewire Cloud.

Using an Agile approach, Levio helps your organization create the major epics and stories including effort estimation. As partners, we estimate the budget and timeline of the project together, and we identify the resources required for the implementation.

Furthermore, Levio can engage in the success of your project using a risk-sharing methodology. During the project, we can train and coach some of your internal employees for future maintenance and evolution phases to reduce dependency on us.

Our pillars

Advice is only useful when it’s good and it works. Levio’s Advisory Services for Property & Casualty Insurance align with industry trends and technologies. Whether the need is to evaluate and implement a commercial policy administration system such as Guidewire, EIS, Duck Creek, or anther platform, or the need to build on your internally developed system, Levio has the expertise and agnostic attitude towards selecting the best solutions for your business.

  • Modernization road mapping 
  • Design thinking 
  • Agility and organizational change management 
  • Enterprise modernization · Program leadership 
  • Business strategy 
  • Cloud and infrastructure strategy 
  • RFx consulting and creation

In a Functional leadership model, leadership does not rest with one person, but rests on a set of behaviours by the group capable of achieving the goal. In Levio’s case, we hire our resources based on their experiences within a given industry. Our team members are coached to be leaders and accept accountability as a measure of success. Levio has hundreds of resources that have worked in Insurance P&C. Perpetuation of the functional leadership model ensures success and mitigates the risk of a failed project. At Levio, a failed project is not an option.

  • Project management by insurance industry-centred leadership 
  • Design thinking experts that can guide 
  • Business process design 
  • Technology to extended enterprise impact studies 
  • Mergers & acquisition due diligence 
  • Expert staffing

Levio’s technical capabilities are unmatched when it comes to integration with policy administration systems and understanding workflows associated with Insurance P&C. Whether it’s integration with legacy home-grown systems or commercial policy admin systems, Levio has the technical expertise to cover any aspect of your growth plans. Most importantly,our attention to accountability and cost control keep your project on the path to profitability with measurable ROI.

  • Core system modernization 
  • API integration 
  • Micro services development 
  • Interoperability · Extensibility development 
  • Custom software and solution development 
  • AI, BI, ML, and massive data modernization 
  • Mobile application development
  • IoT
  • Cybersecurity, risk assessment, and testing services

Levio in action