Core Systems Modernization

Say goodbye to legacy and hello to modern digital solutions

Customers and citizens now expect to interact with brands and governments fully through digital means. Employees are also increasingly demanding modern digital tools to work efficiently. The current landscape is accelerating the pace of change and putting even more pressure to get rid of productivity-hindering legacy systems and move into a fully digital-native world.


Most organizations use a mix of IT systems to perform their core business operations. This mix often includes home-grown systems, highly customized legacy commercial software, and modern systems. Series of mergers, acquisitions, and internal reorganizations often result in a cumbersome IT ecosystem where data is duplicated across many silos, repetitive manual processes are implemented to bridge the gap between systems, and different tools need to be used depending on how a given customer was acquired.

All of these conspire to make straight-through processing, live data analytics, and great employee/customer experience very difficult to achieve.

Our approach

We combine top industry and technical expertise with superior craftsmanship and a portfolio of pre-vetted solutions to guide our customers through the solution selection process and project execution

Our industry expertise:


We help insurance companies redefine their business models and focus on growth.


We help banks redefine their business strategy.


We enable governments to provide better, simpler services and products at a faster pace.

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