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Business Architect

Montreal, QC

The opportunity to join us as a Solutions Architect/Business Architect for this cross-functional role will allow you to be at the heart of the reflections, decisions and issues surrounding cross-functional business solutions affecting the key sector of the Individual. Your role will be to help target with the team the vision and needs of the Individual related to transversal foundations and ensure that our transversal roadmap can best serve the needs of today and tomorrow while ensuring the respect and conservation of information in our various architecture repositories under creation.


As part of your position, you will:

  • Translate strategic initiatives from the Individual's portfolio into targets and priorities for cross-functional teams when they touch on cross-functional or potentially reusable business solutions
  • Propose and continuously adjust a roadmap / roadmap for the optimal development of business solutions
  • Ensure the overview of the needs and vision of the Individual sector in order to establish targets for its projects while respecting the priorities of the various business sectors
  • Focus on architecture work across the Individual sector and ensure the consistency of cross-functional business solutions implemented with the various business solutions of the business lines (e.g. advisor tools, pricing, administration)
  • Coordinate architectural work with the business architects on your team and ensure the consistency of the business solutions implemented
  • Ensure that the Individual's choices and recommendations are aligned with the norms and standards applicable to the entire program
  • Ensure the Individual's senior management understanding of program issues and risks
  • Influencing the action taken by the individual's senior management on risks and issues
  • Contribute to the cost-benefit analyses of solutions
  • Contribute to maintaining and supporting the evolution of business architecture frameworks
  • Promote and act as an agent of change in the socialization of program directions and architecture principles
  • Monitor and integrate monitoring and monitoring carried out in business sectors and ensure the development of team members in the field


Profile sought:

  • Bachelor's degree in Administration, SIO, Computer Science or equivalent
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in information technology, including significant experience as an architect
  • Work with minimal supervision, while making good use of the leeway given to them
  • High tolerance for ambiguity, uncertainty, and experience in highly complex business environments
  • Ability to build a network of influence and build bridges between colleagues that help break down organizational silos
  • Detailed understanding of needs, personal motivations and political factors affecting the dynamics of the project(s)
  • Have a developed analytical sense and a systemic vision in order to recognize and anticipate the emergence of problems and issues arising from them
  • Knowledge of the various products offered by the insurance and/or reinsurance industry, administrative systems, and business processes (Major asset) Must have insurance experience
  • Proficiency in business, enterprise and data architecture frameworks (Togaf, Bizbok, DAMA) (Major Asset)
  • Knowledge related to data modeling, security and data protection (Asset)
  • Knowledge of Leankit, Hopex, PowerBI (Asset)
  • Knowledge of Safe/Agile methodology (Asset)


Levio is an equal opportunity employer and has an equal access program for women, Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities.
The masculine gender is used without any discrimination and for the sole purpose of simplifying this text.