10 July 2020


Great news! Levio is now a Microsoft GOLD Cloud Platform Partner. This partnership, linked to Microsoft’s Azure technology, reinforces the company’s positioning as an experts in the design and development of cloud computing solutions.

A service for the design, development and management of the high-quality cloud computing solutions

This new status is yet another reason why Levio is your go-to partner for your digital transformation on the cloud. Our specialists will support you or oversee all the different phases of your cloud computing strategy (governance, planning, migration and operations). Our change management experts will also ensure that the transition to the cloud is as seamless as possible by mobilizing all stakeholders in your organization.

An expert in cloud computing solutions supported by multiple partnerships

The Microsoft GOLD Cloud Platform Partner status is an addition to the multiple credentials Levio already holds:

  • Microsoft GOLD Datacenter Partner
  • Microsoft GOLD Application Development Partner
  • Microsoft SILVER Data Analytics Partner

These numerous accreditations demonstrate Levio’s prowess in all cloud computing technologies. They guarantee Levio’s ability to develop up-to-date, secure, functional, adapted and strategically thought-out solutions for all our clients.

Levio is ambitious and not content with the status quo. We plan to obtain more certifications in the coming years to maintain our leadership position in cloud computing. Looking to make the shift to cloud computing? Visit the section on our website dedicated to cloud computing. Our specialists can answer any questions you may have to start your new project. Contact us today!