8 July 2021

Levio & LANDRY and Associates join forces

With this acquisition, Levio consolidates its position as a leader in digital transformation in Canada

Quebec, July 8, 2021 – Levio, an information technology (IT) and organizational management consulting firm, joins forces with LANDRY and Associates, a business management and cybersecurity consulting firm based in Montreal.

With now more than 1,350 consultants in Canada, the United States, and Morocco, Levio consolidates its positioning as a leader in digital transformation and continues to accelerate its expansion in Canada.

“People at LANDRY and Associates share a common mission. Our respective cultures are based on intrapreneurship, a focus on delivering quality work to our clients, and above all, a strong commitment to delivering value. This sets both of our companies apart from the competition.

The combination of our teams positions us advantageously on the market, with the addition of new talent and the diversification of our client base. The unique expertise of the LANDRY and Associates team in cybersecurity and business management, combined with Levio’s expertise, constitutes a key solution for companies wishing to succeed in their digital transformations,” said François Dion, CEO of Levio.

“For over 13 years, the team at LANDRY and Associates has made a significant difference for many organizations, successfully accompanying them in their technological and business imperatives. Thanks to our exceptional team, we have been able to establish ourselves as a key player in a very competitive market.

Today, we have arrived at a pivotal moment in our existence. It is time to join forces with a leading local company with whom we share strong values and the desire to promote the province of Quebec know-how so that together we can accelerate our growth,” stated Claude M. Landry, CEO of LANDRY and Associates.

About Levio

Levio is an information technology (IT) and organizational management-consulting firm, ranked as the fastest-growing Canadian IT Company, 2nd overall in the 2019 edition of Canadian Business magazine’s Growth 500. 

The company specializes in helping its clients implement digital transformation programs or large-scale projects. For the past 8 years, Levio has built its reputation on an outstanding team of consultants who deliver high-quality solutions that take advantage of new technologies to help its clients gain in efficiency and profitability. Levio now has more than 1,350 consultants in its eight offices located in Canada, the United States, and Morocco.

For more information, visit levioconsulting.com

About LANDRY and Associates

Founded in 2008, LANDRY and Associates is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in risk and performance management as well as in business management technologies. Our team works to support organizations in the face of business, operational and technological imperatives related to the management, protection and valorization of their assets.
Recognized as one of Montréal’s Top Employers in 2019, 2020, and 2021, its multidisciplinary team stands out for its certifications and complementary skills in: governance and leadership, risk management, strategic consulting, information technology and cybersecurity, business analysis, sustainable development, project management, etc.

For more information, visit landryconsulting.com/en

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