7 July 2020

Jean Royer and Benoit Boivin join the management team

Levio strengthens its leading position in digital transformation


Quebec City, July 7, 2020 – Levio, a leader in digital transformation, announces the appointment of Mr. Jean Royer and Mr. Benoit Boivin as managing partners to support the development and growth of the organization. Mr. Jean Royer, a well-known member of the financial community, joined the organization on Monday as head of the company’s expansion through mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Benoit Boivin, a renowned senior civil servant, will further develop the service offering in digital transformation and develop the business strategy with major clients. He will join the company at the end of August.

With a long and extensive professional experience, these managers will bring tremendous value to Levio’s business development. The Quebec-based firm, which is ranked 2nd among the fastest growing Canadian companies according to the Canadian Business 2019 Growth500 ranking, will use their expertise to support Levio in the implementation of its growth and development strategy and to reinforce its position as a leader in digital transformation and business and technology consulting in North America.

Mr. Royer, with his vast experience in financing and corporate mergers and acquisitions, will be an important asset in supporting Levio’s growth and development strategy across the continent. Given the fragmented nature of the IT services market, Levio wants to take this opportunity to act as a consolidator. Building on his 30-year career as Chief Financial Officer and Investment Banker in the financial services and marketing communications sector, Mr. Jean Royer will be one of the key players in achieving these ambitions.

Mr. Benoit Boivin was involved in the implementation of the Government’s IT Strategy (Stratégie gouvernementale en RI, Rénover l’État par les technologies de l’information) and has a keen knowledge of technologies. Through his career as a senior civil servant and his expertise in the development of structuring actions, Mr. Benoit Boivin will be a major player in building an increasingly relevant service offering, thus participating in the evolution of Levio’s digital strategy.


“We are proud to welcome Jean Royer and Benoit Boivin to our management team. With their vast professional experience, these two renowned leaders will be major assets in consolidating Levio’s position as a leading company

in digital transformation and business and technology consulting in North America.”

– François Dion, president and CEO of Levio

“After many years of holding various responsibilities in all aspects of corporate finance, strategic planning and governance, I felt the need to reconnect with the entrepreneurial landscape. I am therefore pleased to partner with Levio, a team of experienced and passionate entrepreneurs who are determined to further build a leader in their field. The development of a leading company such as Levio is very exciting, especially since the business plan is essentially focused on growth. I found Levio to be an exciting new challenge.”

– Jean Royer, Partner, Mergers and Acquisitions

“The contribution of information technology to organizational performance and transformation has always been my main motivation. My association with Levio gives me the opportunity to work in a company that is driven by the same objective. Moreover, being able to contribute to Levio’s growth along with an ambitious team is very motivating.”

– Benoit Boivin, Partner, Strategies and Business Development

Jean Royer Biography

Throughout his career, Mr. Jean Royer has assumed varied and growing responsibilities including leadership of the finance function, mergers and acquisitions transactions, public and private financing, corporate actuarial, reinsurance, investments, strategic planning, corporate governance, financial communications, information systems, risk management and pension funds.

Prior to joining Levio, Mr. Jean Royer held the position of Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer, at Desjardins General Insurance and Financial Corporation from 2010 to 2020.

Benoit Boivin Biography

With a degree in management and management information technology, Mr. Benoit Boivin has held various management positions in information technology, both for the public service and in private institutions. He was responsible for the Sous-secrétariat du dirigeant principal de l’information from 2013 to 2019, before being appointed Chief Information Officer at the Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor, Government of Quebec (2016-2019).

Among his key accomplishments as a senior public servant is his contribution to building an engaged and dynamic community of information technology stakeholders. He has also helped develop structuring actions to support the leading role that information technology must play within organizations.

About Levio

Levio is a consulting firm in the field of information technology and management of organizations. The company specializes in remedial, high risk, and complex enterprise IT and Digital Transformation projects. For the past 6 years, Levio has built its reputation on an outstanding team of consultants delivering large-scale solutions that take advantage of new technologies to help its clients achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

For 6 years , Levio has built its reputation on an outstanding team of consultants who deliver large-scale solutions that take advantage of new technologies to help its clients gain in efficiency and profitability. Levio now has over 800 advisors in its offices in Quebec City, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Toronto, Chicago, Phoenix and Rabat. For more information, visit the website http://www.levioconsulting.com.

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