Levio’s Innovation Center
10 July 2020



Our client is one of the largest and most prominent companies in the pension plan management in North America. Over the past 25 years, it has created the most comprehensive software suite for managing defined benefit pension plans.


The company’s aging technology platform resulted in higher integration costs and pushed the company’s operations out of the mid-market. As a result, the company was forced to focus exclusively on larger pension plan administrators, ignoring a market that includes approximately 2,900 smaller organizations across Canada and the United States. Levio was responsible for the design and creation of a state-of-the-art software suite for smaller organizations that would be sold under a SaaS underwriting model. Levio used its people-centric approach to design an innovative product that would solve a serious operational problem.


The product was created following a venture capital investment. Levio took charge of the technology and innovation, while the vision was led by the client-partner. The project entailed:

  • Implementing a joint governance model to carry out an initial 2-year $10+M program and stimulate marketing and sales of the new solution.
  • Developing a modern, future-proof architecture based on C and Java back-end micro-services, with Angular 6.0 Google Material design, on a front-end system and Azure cloud hosting to ensure DevOps deployment
  • Using a new system to immediately support the client’s outsourcing activities


Levio offers the following services:

  • Technical and product leadership
  • Advice in the digital transformation field
  • Customer and partner management
  • Roadmap, project scoping (objectives), design, architecture, requirements
  • Project and program planning, full lifecycle management
  • Agile development
  • DevOps, QA, implementation, deployment
  • Support and maintenance
  • Change management and training


  • The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) tracking and dashboard deployed were used for the client’s outsourcing activities to manage small pension plans.
  • Deployment was carried out via a hybrid on-premises/cloud computing model in which the data layer and related processing components resided on internal servers. All essential application components resided in the cloud for the largest outsourcing companies with which the client does business. The routing and networking required to make this possible is also handled by Levio’s experts.
  • The modern UI of the product was migrated to the existing enterprise version to enhance the user experience of large enterprise customers.


  • The product, which was created with a venture capital partnership, has been a real success.
  • All the stages of the roadmap were completed.
  • The project was completed on time, on budget and within scope.
  • Seamless collaboration between partner and client teams.
  • In a company with a more traditional business model, a new culture of innovation has emerged.
  • Levio won the client’s trust and subsequently other mandates.