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The key to insurance digital transformation
Find out more about digital transformation within the insurance industry.

As clients develop a good flair and deeper knowledge of insurance products, their expectations are evolving. Overall, clients want to have a multifaceted understanding of insurance product features, how to use them, and how to mitigate risk. 

Today’s customers are used to frictionless digital experiences in retail, entertainment, and simple transactions. They are expecting the same from their insurance products.

What's happening

According to Bloomberg Media Studios



The pandemic accelerated digital transformation by 5 years in the insurance sector.


Since 2016, digital transformation is mentioned 120% more on earnings calls by U.S. public companies.


38% of insurers now recognize the benefit of artificial intelligence over business intelligence.

Customer centricity

Full perspective

Few insurers have a full 360-degree view of their customers. Most use outdated methods such as traditional mail and call centers to maintain relationships.
The Threat

Insurtech & digital challengers

The arrival of non-traditional firms, digital natives, within the insurance sector is challenging the status quo in terms of customer experience.

More data,
more meaning

Property & Casualty (P&C) leverages telematics data from connected devices (IoT). Life and Group Life & Health augment experiences through live wellness information. With digital technology, there’s always room to improve your insurance products and secure a larger customer base.

Why Levio?

Levio implements the success-generating business practices of digital pioneers in your organization.

Putting people first
The digital transformation of the insurance industry expects you to put the customer at the center of the value chain.
Extracting value from data
Levio knows how to leverage artificial intelligence and big data to improve an organization's decision-making.
Sustaining growth
Enhancing the customer experience while building loyalty to sell other products or services. Insurers that will perform the most will gain market share, solidify their client base and expand share of wallet through the digital marketplace.

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