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Navigating digital transformation: Change management for the public sector with the AWS CAF approach

September 11, 2023

Migrating to cloud solutions represents a crucial step in modernizing public services and meeting the growing expectations of citizens. However, this transition is not without its challenges, especially in terms of change management. Inspired by Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), this article explores the essential change management strategies for a successful transition to the cloud in the public sector.

1. Understanding the Importance of the Human Perspective

The first step towards successful transformation is to recognize that change is not only technological but also human. For public institutions, this means embracing a culture of continuous learning and growth, where change becomes the new norm. It is crucial to bring technology closer to business goals to accelerate the journey to the cloud.

2. Cultural Evolution at the Heart of Transformation

The public sector must assess and evolve its organizational culture to align with the aspirations of digital transformation. This involves adopting agile methodologies and forming cross-functional teams, thus promoting autonomy and rapid decision-making.

3. Transformational Leadership

Effective leadership is vital. Leaders must focus as much on the human side of change as on the technology. Active executive support, combining technical and business leadership, is essential to guide the vision and strategy of transformation.

4. Strengthening Cloud Expertise

Developing a workforce skilled in cloud technology is paramount. It is not only about adapting employees to a digital environment but also about continuously developing their skills through targeted training, mentorship, and job rotation programs.

5. Workforce Transformation and Adaptation

Modernizing roles is essential to attract, develop, and retain an adaptable and high-performing workforce. This involves proactive planning and the engagement of leaders to support the evolution of skills.

6. Accelerating Change

Applying a change acceleration framework helps to minimize impacts on people and the organizational structure. A structured and transparent approach promotes organizational alignment and successful adoption of new working methods.

7. Redesigning Organizational Structure

The public sector must assess and adapt its organizational design to support new cloud-based work methods. This includes reviewing team structures, decision-making procedures, and communication channels.

8. Organizational Alignment for Increased Responsiveness

It is crucial to establish an ongoing partnership between organizational structures, operations, processes, talent, and culture. This allows for a better response to market conditions and seizing new opportunities.


Migrating to the cloud in the public sector is a complex but essential venture. By adopting a holistic and human-centered approach, inspired by AWS's CAF, public institutions can not only navigate but also thrive in this era of digital transformation. At Levio, we are dedicated to guiding and supporting the public sector through each step of this pivotal transition, ensuring successful and sustainable modernization of services for citizens.

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