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Levio, a Key Player in the Cloud Brokerage of the Quebec Government

March 20, 2023

Luc Pâquet

The Cloud Brokerage, an initiative of the Quebec Government, aims to centralize and qualify cloud service offerings for Quebec's public organizations. This system ensures a rigorous selection of service providers, ensuring compliance and security of cloud solutions.

From the launch of the cloud brokerage program by the Quebec Government, Levio has played a key role, symbolizing our leadership position in the digital transformation of public services. Our partnership with the Ministry of Cybersecurity and Digital Technology (MCN) underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of technological solutions.

What Are The Cloud Brokerage Services?

Qualification of Cloud Offers

Evaluation based on computer security and compliance with the legal framework.

Online Catalog

Directory of qualified suppliers and service providers.

Acquisition Assistance

Support in the acquisition process, including contract preparation.

What is the Cloud Brokerage?

The Cloud Brokerage's role in qualifying and selecting cloud services for public sector organizations is reinforced by the presence of renowned suppliers in its catalogs. In the first catalog, which lists qualified cloud services, we find a host of services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS, renowned for its wide range of cloud solutions, is listed as a major supplier, offering services that meet the rigorous security and performance criteria set by the broker.

Meanwhile, the second catalog, which focuses on professional services to support public sector organizations in their transition to the cloud, includes specialist companies such as Levio.

Levio, known for its expertise in supporting and implementing cloud solutions, offers essential services to help organizations navigate the complex cloud landscape. Levio's presence in the second catalog ensures that public sector organizations have access to professional, personalized support for the adoption of cloud technologies.

Cloud Brokerage Success Factors

The two main success factors are high expertise and strategic partnerships.

At Levio, we are proud to include in our team three founders of the Cloud Brokerage Services: a high-level IT manager of the Quebec government, a cloud architect, and a political advisor . Their expertise and vision were essential in the design and implementation of this innovative system.

Our area of expertise encompasses many services, such as:

  • Migration and integration of cloud solutions
  • Professional services for the implementation of related IAAS, PAAS, or SAAS solutions
    • Migration and integration of related IAAS, PAAS, or SAAS solutions
    • Migration and integration of SaaS solutions (cloud security tools)
  • Implementation of cloud solutions – Qualification of professional services
    • Migration and integration of collaboration and office tools solutions
  • Implementation of cloud solutions – Preliminary analysis and change management
    • Preliminary analysis
  • Change management

Working with cloud giants such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce is at the heart of success for Levio . These partnerships, combined with our qualifications within the brokerage, offer Quebec public organizations ease of acquisition and are an essential success factor in their journey to the cloud.

Levio’s involvement from the creation of the cloud brokerage demonstrates our team’s ability to innovate and lead technological transformations. At Levio, we are committed to providing solutions that meet the highest standards of security and compliance, while driving digital transformation efficiently and sustainably. As a true partner from start to finish, our goal is a long-lasting transformation that’s right for your institution.