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Innovative cloud services to achieve your metrics

At Levio, our approach to cloud computing is comprehensive and takes care of every step that impacts the success of your project, from obtaining executive buy-in to training operational teams.

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Invested in your growth

Our projects are developed and follow a well-established process in order to allow you to maximize your return on investment and take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing: flexibility, high availability, performance, security, low cost, and ease of management.

From ideas to benefits 

  • A cloud migration accelerator
  • A guarantee of success
  • A partner who listens to your needs and is dedicated to achieving your goals

Our approach


Coaching at all levels of your organization

By consultants who understand the importance of change management


A proven rigorous process

That leaves nothing to chance and facilitates migration to the cloud


Recognized experts

Who master the technologies involved

A cross-functional team

That is able to cover all aspects: infrastructure, development, database, operations, security, quality assurance/control

Our services

We have developed a holistic approach based on years of practical experience.

  • Cloud governance
  • Cloud strategy
  • Change management
  • Migration
  • Applicative modernisation
  • Automatization (IaC)
  • Containers - strategy and locations
  • Managed services
  • Professional services
  • Training
  • Cloud service auditing
  • Cost optimization

Automating successfully

The original vision of cloud computing was automated, on-demand services that scale dynamically to meet demand. While this vision is now a reality, cloud automation is complex and requires specialized tools, expertise, and hard work. Whether it's with Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef, or Puppet, our teams are ready to help. 

Innovating safely

When you partner with Levio, you benefit from our company's experience working on large-scale cloud computing projects in finance, banking, media, and government over the years. Our teams are familiar with highly regulated industries and know how to take into account security issues when developing innovative solutions.

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