Solution development

Solution development
Our expertise: Developing the right solution for your business
Whether you need to develop custom features, integrate COTS software solutions, or design innovative new products, we have the resources and craftsmanship you need.
Solution development
Our know-how

Our know-how

A successful digital transformation or platform modernization requires a cross functional team with varied skills to design the right technology solutions to meet business strategies and orientations. Levio has the experts you need to develop and integrate innovative and efficient solutions.


Levio’s solution architects are familiar with designing solutions for complex enterprise environments and solving critical business challenges. They define the strategic vision of the enterprise architecture, providing an understanding of the technology needed to support it.

Our experts

Solution architecture is the practice of designing, defining and managing the architecture of a system to address a company’s specific challenges and needs in the most cost-effective manner. Solution architecture is one of the most important steps performed before the development of an engineering solution can begin.

Our approach

Our approach

Our development teams routinely use an Agile-DevOps approach to accelerate the development of solutions, reduce time-to-market, and drive an IT culture of efficient software delivery. Levio experts participate in the implementation of CI/CD, automated testing, and infrastructure automation (infrastructure as code.


Our approach ensures a smooth transition from business needs into concrete solutions.

Agile approach

Levio offers a complete suite of business & IT consulting services, including solution development. Agile solution architecture and development allow for a transversal and logical integration of all the steps of the digital transformation process. Our architects and developers are trained to design and implement solutions in a multitude of technological environments using the agile approach. This agile approach, applied in our various projects, allows our customers to be part of the solution throughout its development. It also enables all stakeholders to track deadlines and development costs.


Levio’s purpose, ever since its foundation, has always been to partner with our clients to help them achieve their transformation goals. The very first step in any new initiative is to state the project’s objectives clearly and succinctly. All other project activities are then aligned on these objectives.


We have clients in various industries: insurance, manufacturing, banking, wealth management, transportation, retail, government, NGOs, health, education, … We serve SMBs to enterprise companies.


Regardless of the sector of activity in which we operate, the development of a solution requires several skills that our business, solution, technical (software) and infrastructure architects are equipped to handle. They design and implement solutions by interacting with business and process architects in an environment that fosters organizational transformation.

We create value

Levio does not specialize solely in solution architecture and processes in one specific sector. Our long-standing expertise in different sectors allows the Levio team to be involved from the beginning of a transformation project until the expected benefits are achieved.


One of our core values is to deliver results to our clients by relying on collaboration and dialogue with all stakeholders. Different business practices in the company provide the knowledge and know-how required to implement a transformation program or project.


Solution development is one of the practices in which we put a lot of time, effort and investment to ensure that our specialists are always on the bleeding edge of innovation.

Technologies we master

Levio brings together specialists who develop solutions in different technologies—both current and emerging. Here is a summary of the technologies most frequently used by many of our clients:

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