Modernization of development environments

Moving development environment

Maybe it's time to think about the complete modernization of development environments? This allows, among other things, the implementation of continuous solution deployment capabilities. Your users benefit from more frequent deliveries and more stability.
Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

1. VC (GIT/TSF) to cloud migration

2. Migration of development environments to the cloud

a. Infra As Code / Immovable

3. IC/CD Modernisation

a. Test automation

b. Security As Code

c. Automated deployment

d. Improved visibility (surveillance)

4. Integration of Customer Dependencies

5. Access management and security (MFA, AD, etc…)

6. User training (user guide, distance learning) and coaching

Delivery times

8-12 weeks: for 1 environment.

Delivery efforts

100% of the work can be done remotely.


A modernized development environment offers:

  •  Agility
  • Remote Access
  • Reduction of Time To Market
  • Creation of on-demand environments
  • Frequent Deployment
  • Stability and incident reduction
  • Integrated security in the CI/CD
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