Additional Capacity

Added Resources

The addition of experts in your teams in order to maintain delivery rate.
Software Development Center

Software Development Center

Are your projects being delayed? Are the critical deliveries planned not ready? You need a higher capacity? To lower the pressure? Give yourselves more options! We are offering to put in place a delivery team in our Software Development Center.


A vast sea of expertise is available

  •  Development/Analysis/Conception
  • Infrastructure/DevOps
  • Quality Insurance and automated trials

This capacity offers multiple advantages

Equipped teams and an optimised technological environment for remote work.


  • Harmonisation to your methods, management tools and collaboration
  • An efficient and transparent partnership with clear performance metrics
  • An engagement to observe the highest standards of security and confidentiality
  • Access to experts of our business practice to ensure the success and support your strategies
  • And most importantly the engagement of all our organisation to deliver the product value expected


Production delays:

4-8 weeks

This capacity offers multiple advantages