Project and program management

Digital transformation
Highly flexible in the face of change

We’re more than just project delivery experts. We strive to understand your underlying business drivers to ensure every Levio-led project delivers the expected value.
Digital transformation
Our results-driven culture ensures that your goals are met

Our results-driven culture ensures that your goals are met

Innovation and transformation are crucial for all companies that want to differentiate themselves and improve their competitive edge. 


Implementing a solid business strategy means adopting a flexible delivery approach focused on customer experience, whether internal or external. 


Today’s world is fast-paced and continually changing. Even with a solid business strategy that provides clear goalsit is imperative that project leaders adopt an agile and reactive mindset that will deliver quick wins at frequent intervals.

Consultants who get results

Levio’s experienced project leaders and consultants can be trusted to run and deliver multi-million dollar transformation programs as well as smaller project-level initiatives.  


We are skilled at using various project delivery approaches, enabling us to pick the right one – or build a best-of-breed approach  to meet our customer’s goals.  


We are experts at building complex program roadmaps with hard-set milestones, and then executing the plan to hit each of them. Accountability is baked right into our engagement model: we say what we’ll do, and then we do it; with a firm commitment 


Ask us about our risk-sharing methods and how they can de-risk your project while ensuring your business goals are met.

A time-tested method

The governance of complex programs and projects must be based on the company’s strategy. Establishing a roadmap is the crucial first step towards success. We believe that delivering quick wins early on is essential to set a cadence and build credibility with stakeholders. We build multi-year roadmaps that balance the need for quick results with the need to bring about profound changes on a fixed budget and timeline.  

A time-tested method
A tailored approach

Levio-led initiatives are custom-made with the right mix of strategic and tactical services.

A variety of expertise at your service

Levio has the skills and the experience to develop the most complex transformation roadmap and then execute it on-scope, on-time and on-budget.  


Typical vendor-client relationships have a built-in defect: they pit customer and vendor interests against each other, which creates undue friction, increases costs and decreases the overall value 


How can vendors be trusted advisors when they have a vested interest in increasing work scope regardless of actual customer needs? In the past, fixed-fee contracts were often used to de-risk projects. However, they don’t solve the scope creep and change order spiral that can quickly derail any project and lead to significant cost overruns. With the prevalence of agile and iterative methodologies, it has become increasingly difficult to agree on a well-defined scope ahead of time, making fixed-fee delivery models ill-suited to most initiatives.  


We designed simple yet powerful risk-sharing engagement model that solves this conundrum by ensuring a constant interest alignment between Levio and its customers. In a nutshell, we agree on a target budget to deliver a broadly-defined scope. As work progresses, we work hand-in-hand with the client to control spending and adhere to the timeline. Savings and/or overruns are shared, thus providing joint incentives. This has proven to be a very effective model 

Guided by our values

Guided by our values

Our greatest asset is our culture that is centred around delivering on our promises no matter what: 

  • Our commitment to delivering measurable benefits 
  • All Levio back-office processes are built to serve customer projects – not the other way around 
  • We rely on our permanent employees who are trained and educated on our culture of delivering value and hitting all milestones 
  • Teams that are highly motivated and team members who take pride in our clients’ successes 
  • A highly collaborative mindset that fosters honesty, accountability, and rigour.  

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