Organizational transformation

Act. Readjust. Transform.

Our organizational transformation team uses the A.R.T. (Act. Readjust. Transform) approach as its core framework. This approach was developed by Levio Consulting and focuses on five key success factors that can positively impact all levels of your organization.
Why use A.R.T.?

Why use A.R.T.?

Our A.R.T. approach is based on our belief that organizational transformation is a creative and collective project in which everyone brings their own expertise and experience.

Levio has an extensive background in organizational transformation. Discover our unique approach, which harmoniously brings together project management and change management.

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Levio’s A.R.T. model relies on renowned standards and tools that are proven to be effective

  • The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK 6)
  • The Agile corpus (SAFe, Disciplined Agile, DevOps, etc.)
  • Lean management
  • Various change management methodologies (ACMP, PROSCI ADKAR)
  • Burlton hexagon
  • The Changing Concern Model (C. Bareil)
  • Concepts about the ability to change (K. Johnson)
  • And more!
Levio’s A.R.T. model relies on renowned standards and tools that are proven to be effective

Services adapted to your needs

Levio offers consulting services at all levels of your company to promote cross-functional integration and coherence of your organizational transformation. We don’t just support executives in the design, alignment or deployment of their project. We also meet with employees in the field to learn from their practical experience and understand their concerns. This is how we adapt a project’s deployment to coach and empower middle managers.


5 key success factors

This strategic, tactical and operational support is based on five success factors that are taken into account throughout the transformation. This approach, as opposed to a recipe, is customized to each environment and fully integrates project management and change management. The A.R.T. model is represented by a colour palette illustrating the 5 A’s, the five success factors:

  • Align: giving a vision, a direction;
  • Adopt: mobilizing impacted groups towards the common goal;
  • Analyze: becoming agile and questioning oneself in action;
  • Adapt: developing new capacities (processes, structures, skills, etc.) within the organisation and adapting the project to them;
  • Achieve: measuring the expected benefits, both upstream and downstream, then adjusting the focus if necessary or transferring to operations.
In short, doing business with Levio means

In short, doing business with Levio means

More than 100 concrete and practical tools, developed by our center of expertise in organizational transformation

  • An integrated organizational transformation approach to project management: no more change management, communication or training plans that accumulate dust;
  • Agile initiatives compatible with the waterfall methodology, focused on the rapid achievement of small goals and constant adjustment to the realities in the field;
  • A coaching service, which aims for the client’s autonomy and the development of internal skills at all levels of the organization;
  • Experts certified by several internationally recognized institutions (PMI, ACMP, PROSCI, Disciplined Agile, etc.);
  • A diversified team, with various backgrounds and strengths, available at competitive rates.
Our clients

Levio values versatility and interdisciplinarity. As a true Swiss Army knife, our organizational transformation team adapts to several environments, fostering the transfer of expertise between sectors that are usually closed to one another.

Levio’s unique approach

Our approach is characterized by:

At Levio, we're with you from the idea to the final outcomes

At Levio, we're with you from the idea to the final outcomes

  • Speed of execution
  • Stakeholder Involvement
  • The quality of the projects delivered are validated as they are carried out
  • Enhanced customer and employee experience
  • Reduced costs
  • Transformations carried out with transparency and commitment

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