Emerging technologies and innovation

Emerging technologies and innovation
In order to succeed, your business must constantly innovate. To innovate, it must leverage proven and mature technologies to take its business and operations to a whole new level. And Levio can take you there.
Levio Labs

Levio Labs

Levio Labs is the Levio division that was put in place to help our clients and partners to turn ideas into profits. It is a customized project space to test challenge and develop ideas. In our Labs, we evaluate if a project is viable and the investment justified. We use a Design Thinking approach at the ideation stage to build a prototype that solves a concrete business problem. Through quick iterations, we can quickly build a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) to confirm the project’s technological vision and business viability with minimum investments. We can then bring the bear the complete strength of the Levio team for at-scale development of our innovative solution.

Business needs we can address

Your fundamental needs are to:

  • Decrease technological and financial risks
  • Carry out innovation projects
  • Mitigate the impact on your current operations

A company that wants to innovate must align the following aspects of its business:

  • The right experts at the right time
  • R&D capacity
  • Ability to carry out an innovation project
  • Technologies
  • Workspace
  • Partners

This is what Levio Labs can offer you!

Business needs we can address
Discover the technologies we work on

Some of the emerging technology our Labs team is currently working with:

Work with the best

Gain peace of mind. We work together with you to take on any challenge. Our Labs work with agile, Devops and CI/CD methods—all while fostering an open and broader collaboration between stakeholders. By trusting Levio Labs with your innovation project, you will achieve the results you want on time and with little impact to your business.

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