Strong cybersecurity strategic and tactical skills to protect your organization.

As the distinction between business models and technology slowly dissolves, organizations must identify the risks, security priorities, and investments that directly impact their business outcomes.

Cybersecurity Playbook
Download Levio's cybersecurity playbook
Cybersecurity Playbook
Download Levio's cybersecurity playbook

“When it comes to managing cybersecurity, meeting regulatory requirements is only a starting point. Organizations face unlimited cybersecurity threats. The resources they rely upon to defend themselves, however, are finite.”

Claude M. Landry, Head of Cybersecurity

Resolving this inconsistency requires a framework that provides the best return on investment in strategy, experience, and expertise. Our team of experts can help your organization build strong strategic and tactical cybersecurity capabilities. 

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Levio’s Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Operational Risk Management team combines extensive experience in technology, operations, governance, and regulation. We excel at helping clients address their most difficult, technically complex, and sensitive challenges.




Cyber risk strategy & program maturity assessment

Organizations need to be aware of new threats and how attack vectors evolve with organizational changes, system improvements, and the introduction of new products and services. Your organization’s strategy must be dynamic and address each of these factors while remaining flexible to respond to the unexpected. An assessment of your investment in human capital, technology, or resources will lead to a constantly evolving approach.

Cyber resilience strategy & testing

High scores on a risk or assessment framework do not necessarily mean that an organization is resilient in the event of an incident or advanced, persistent threat. While scores are important indicators, they are not perfect reflection of your decisions, responses, and capabilities in practice and under pressure. At Levio, woffer a multifaceted approach to assessing your organization's actual resilience. We also simulate test environments to improve your performance. 

Cyber risk assessment

The need for a cyber risk assessment may stem from external requirements (e.g., regulatory requirements, industry governance requirements, or competitive analysis) or simply serve as a benchmark for identifying risks that meet or exceed established risk tolerance. Our team of professionals includes former regulators and examiners, risk specialists, and cybersecurity experts. We can help your organization select and apply the assessment framework that works best for you while providing valuable insight and prioritizing remediation actions. 

Incident response assessment

It is increasingly challenging to identify indicators of compromise and attack among data, alerts, and transactions, amid complex architectures that include cloud, client-server, mobile, and mainframe. Factoring in an attacker’s sophistication, frequency of attacks, and persistence, multiped by the continually evolving nature of cyber threats, any incident response (IR) team can be overwhelmed. To help your firm prepare, we can assess your mean time to detection and response, and evaluate whether you are prepared to defend against known, advanced, and persistent threats. We can also help you gauge the readiness and capabilities of your IR team to meet the required criteria for your industry. Our assessments provide actionable plans to improve your IR effectiveness. 

Cyber regulatory strategy, assessment, & remediation

Industry regulations and requirements are not going away, nor are they becoming easier to meet. Our teams of cyber experts and regulatory compliance professionals can help you define, implement, mature, and course-correct your cyber regulatory strategy. Our method and approach leverage an inventory of regulatory requirements to assess your organization’s ability to meet cyber regulations while supporting your business operations and goals. 

CISO as a service

Organizations undergoing transition or restructuring can benefit from an interim CISO to stabilize, enhance, transform, or provide results-oriented leadership to information security programs in a results-driven manner. We offer experienced professionals, supported by the full range of our capabilities and solutions, who can step in as an interim CISO to provide confidence to your board and leadership teams and help you achieve your goals.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Cryptocurrencies enable the instant transfer of value anywhere in the world without any controlling authority. This disruptive innovation is revolutionizing the outlook of the financial world and therefore needs to be accompanied by proper controls. Levio's team accompanies organizations in demystifying and implementing innovative solutions in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

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