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Product Assurance Manager and Project Manager


Menya is the artificial intelligence division of Levio Conseils. We help our partners use artificial intelligence integrated with other tools in their digital transformation. Our clients include prestigious organizations and companies such as Defence Canada, the Canadian Space Agency, MDA, Ciena, Desjardins, Morgan Stanley and many others. Among others, thanks to a contract from MDA and the Canadian Space Agency, Menya is developing the artificial intelligence for the next generation of the Canadian robotic arm (Canadarm3) that will be deployed on a station around the moon (Lunar Gateway). Our AI partners include Microsoft, AWS Amazon, and Google. Our service includes deploying and integrating their AI technologies to help our clients. We also develop our own technologies to be deployed at our customers' sites in a complete package ranging from consulting services, custom application development, integration of existing AI technologies and licensing of our technologies.

We are looking for a product assurance manager and project manager to join the AI development team for autonomous robots and help in other projects.


We are looking for someone who is capable of filling both a Product Assurance (PA) Manager and a Project Manager role (in different projects)

The role of the (PA) Manager is to ensure that the product meets strict norms and specifications of quality, reliability and security and that there is rigorous documentation of the PA processes used to this end.

As the PA manager, this person will:

  • Be responsible for the software PA,
  • Interface with the client’s PA team,
  • Produce the Software PA plan, that is, define the processes, procedures and rules that must be implemented in order to meet the PA requirements,
  • Ensure that the Software PA requirements are met,
  • Plan and implement risk management,
  • Manage the development team in the implementation of the test suite,
  • Supervise the production of the PA deliverables,
  • Maintain PA records.

As the project manager, this person will:

  • Plan the work,
  • Monitor the project’s progress and the budget,
  • Work with the client and the team to produce the backlog,
  • Work with the client and the team to prioritize the items in the backlog,
  • Assess, monitor and address the risks,
  • Manage the delivery,
  • Interface with the client (MDA) and provide monthly progress reports,
  • Ensure the satisfaction of the client,
  • Understand and communicate the technical challenges and their impact,
  • Understand and communicate the technical progress of the project,
  • Evaluate the project’s performance.



  • 1 year of experience in project management for software development and/or AI projects
  • 2 years of experience in product assurance and/or quality assurance for software development and/or AI projects
  • Experience as product assurance or quality assurance manager on at least one software project that was successfully deployed or sold commercially.
  • Experience with Configuration Management
  • 2 years of experience in software development (ideally C++ or another object-oriented language) is a plus
  • Fluent in English
  • One of the following is advantageous
    • Certification in project management (e.g., PMP)
    • MSc in Artificial Intelligence
    • Certifications in artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Appetite for obtaining certifications in artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Fluency in French