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Elevate your talent

Want to thrive in a challenging work environment? Elevate your talent by joining the leader in digital transformation. Levio offers unique opportunities to develop your expertise within a high caliber team.

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A strong culture based on people and performance

9 genes


    "For me, having fire in his/her eyes is someone who wants to get involved. It's someone who has this special adrenaline that turns on when it's time to deliver projects to the client.”

    - Sylvie D.

  2. Delivering value 

    ''At its source, it’s about getting up in the morning with enthusiasm and wanting to make a difference for someone. What we mean by making a difference is what we call adding value, creating value, being responsible, being rigorous.''

    - Richard B.

  3. Fostering a relationship as equals

    ''I feel like Levio leaves a lot of space for the next generation. The hierarchy isn't so much from top to bottom; Levio fosters a horizontal structure. It helps us feel like there is a place for us here. We can be human and make mistakes sometimes.''

    - Gabrielle V.


    "We focus on team creativity, meaning we won't specifically tell you how to do it, but we'll give you the tools to make your implementation team self-sufficient, self-organized, and accountable for their work."

    -  Gaetan D.

  5. Being proud and having fun

    ''People who work at Levio are from diverse  backgrounds. They are open, cool, friendly, communicative and dynamic. It’s always pleasant to collaborate and work with the team. Happy hours are also a fun way to mobilize us and share experiences with our colleagues. The company allows us to feel like we’re part of something big and that helps everyone feel proud about working here.''

    - Marie-Élaine P.

  6. Maintaining

    ''We say what we do, and we do what we say. We walk the talk. I believe this to be super important: If you say you're going to do something, do it.'' 

    - Vincent F.


    "We have a lot of leeway. It's possible to truly evolve, to seek out skills, to have experiences that we wouldn't have elsewhere, in other companies, because here, we are involved in a little bit of everything."

    - Marie-Ève M.


    "When you're on assignment with a client, you feel that there is a genuine follow-up. You are not left entirely on your own, as there is always someone you can count on. In fact, I have been in a situation where I needed assistance and I truly felt guided, reassured, and supported. That's not the case in every company, and it makes a huge difference in our work."

    - Valdimir K.

  9. Growing and helping others to grow

    ''We asked ourselves: "How should we train Levio’s future leaders?" By trusting them, giving them challenges and making sure that they have the tools and support they need to succeed. Diplomas are one thing, but what really impresses me is the resourcefulness and determination of a person.''

    - Jonathan C.

The advantages of joining our team

  • Social Activities 


Levio cares about the well-being of its consultants by organizing frequent social activities that build relationships and experience unforgettable moments with peers. 


  • Personal Leave and Flexible Hours  


Personal time off and work schedules are very flexible at Levio. Because we know that the unexpected happens, we help our consultants balance their personal and professional lives by facilitating personal and sick leave. 

  • Competitive Salaries 


We offer competitive salaries to our employees because we believe in valuing their skills, experience, and contributions to our organization. This helps us attract and retain top talent. 


  • Comprehensive Group Insurance Plan 


When you work at Levio, you also benefit from a comprehensive group insurance plan, including an employee and family assistance program. 

  • Lean Organizational Structure 


With a lean organizational structure, Levio encourages intrapreneurship among its consultants. Start an internal project and put your ideas and initiatives to work for everyone. 


  • Tools that Support Your Talent and Physical Activity 


Levio also offers annual professional development allowances (PDA). A great opportunity to enhance your skills, knowledge, and healthy lifestyle.