Fostering value

This is what Levio is about

Our foundation

When we chose to launch Levio, we had the conviction that the transformation of organizations would accelerate worldwide. If we want our private companies to be internationally competitive and our governments to be more efficient, this transformation must begin, must continue—and ultimately succeed.

Our job is to be at the heart of transformation projects with our customers and to deliver results. Levio, with its Business and Technology advisers, is a partner of choice for all organizations that want to succeed and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Francois Dion, Levio's CEO

Our vision

Becoming a global leader
At Levio, we believe the business and technology consulting industry needs a new mindset. We have created this company to be a platform for this new way of addressing our clients' business challenges. This mindset, which helps our clients focus on user experience and delivery excellence has made us the fastest-growing professional service company in Canada, 2 Years in a row.



Our mission

To be a best-in-class partner that delivers business value to our clients, capitalizing on our experience, expertise, and new technologies through creativity and a mobilized team of consultants.

Our values

Levio aspires to be an industry leader by inspiring our five shared values among our partners and consultants:

  • Solid commitment to delivering ROI
  • Team success through mobilization, leadership, and adaptability
  • Rigorous planning, follow-up, and execution
  • Flawless accountability
  • Unifying pride and enthusiasm around our clients’ success
  • Respect for people, cultures, differences and talents, fostering collaboration and success

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

At Levio, we believe that everyone’s voice should be empowered and respected. As a result, it creates a stronger, more innovative, and positive workplace. Here is how Levio’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion translates:

Employees' Empowerment

Levio encourages employees to explore intrapreneurial ventures, express themselves, share their ideas, and start projects. Employees have a lot of freedom when it comes to responsibilities, and leadership.

Recruitment Diversity

Levio actively brings together and recruits individuals of all gender identities, religious beliefs, race, ethnicity, sexual orientations, abilities, experiences, ages, personalities, and backgrounds.

Cultural Inclusion

Levio is committed daily to the well-being of its people. At Levio, several measures have been put in place to help the immigrant workforce and ethnocultural minorities integrate and achieve their full potential in an environment that promotes their inclusion. Many activities, initiatives and events allow employees from here and abroad to feel at home, respected and listened to in order to develop their full potential.

Wage Equity

Levio ensures pay equity and fair access to opportunities and resources to individuals experiencing disadvantages in employment, such as women, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and army veterans. Levio also offers the same salaries both locally and internationally, meaning better wages for employees residing in lower-income countries.

Skills-Based Hiring

Levio recognizes that not everyone has access to higher education. Rather than hiring individuals based on particular degree requirements, Levio prioritizes skills and past work experiences. Levio also provides resources and assistance to employees who want to pursue a degree.

Leading by Example

Levio has also been an ambassador to other companies, to encourage them to recruit culturally diverse employees. In the business world, Levio continues to be a model for international recruitment, retention of newcomers, and cultural diversity management.

Continuous Improvement

We recognize that despite the progress we are making with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, there is still a lot to learn and more work that needs to be done. Adjusting, improving, innovating, and being flexible, and are part of our DNA.

Our Social Involvement

Founded on strong human values and eager to give back to the community, Levio leads by example through active involvement in our social environment. We place great importance on supporting the community and doing our part.

In addition to providing corporate support to several local sports teams and charitable organizations, Levio’s executive members also undertake various personal initiatives to support wellness in the community.

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